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Here is a small portion of tidbits for all you guys.

Natalie is shooting in Baltimore today, and there are a couple of nice tweets to prove it. The first is the actor Richard E. Grant (Bram Stoker´s Dracula) and the second is David DeBoy (House of Cards), which seems quite impressed by the professionalism of Natalie. Thanks to Kitten for the finds…

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Anyone else feeling a bit deflated by the new Star Wars film being good. I mean, I’m glad that it is but it’s frustrating that Natalie wasn’t given the same kind of platform to create a compelling character as Daisy Ridley has received. Sigh.

In any case, here are some mini news items to lift the gloom.

– The French premiere of Jane Got A Gun is taking place on January 24th and Natalie will be in attendance.

– Speaking of which, with the delay in France the country that will now see the film first appears to be Germany on December 31st. The German site for the film is here.

EW has Natalie’s photo for Jackie and it is HUGE.

Thanks to Belerofonte.

Where? Paris That’s Where.

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Not much to post but for those fans that sleep better at night knowing where in the world Natalie is, it looks like she was spotted at Palais Royal today, although nobody but this tweeter noticed who she was. Thanks to Melody for the find.


Knight of Cup Reviews

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The reviews have started to land for Knight of Cups and while there were some wildly praise worthy tweets initially…

Mikko Pihkoluoma ‏@MikkoPihkoluoma 50 sför 51 sekunder sedan Visa översättning
Knight of Cups. If there was a movie about LA I wanted to see this was pretty much it. Surprised by how much I loved it. Very Tree of Life.

Gabriele Capolino ‏@gabrielecapo 2 minför 2 minuter sedan Visa översättning
Knight of Cups: sort of a definitive L.A. movie, ‘plotless’, works straight on emotions. We are fragments. Love/hate it, I love #Berlinale

Karsten Meinich ‏@KarstenM 1 minför 1 minut sedan Visa översättning
Terrence Malick goes completely into a Godardian essayism with KNIGHT OF CUPS – an emotional and terrifying world of phantoms and imagery.

Dana Knight ‏@DanaisKnight 2 minför 2 minuter sedan Berlin, Deutschland Visa översättning
#KnightOfCups a wonderfully cinematic deeply philosophical deeply moving film-poem

…but the reviews that have landed are, while more positive than not, aren’t as over the top with praise. It sounds like it’s typical Malick fare, which is potentially great if you love his work but not likely to win over many new fans. It also sounds like Natalie’s role, and really all the roles beyond Bale, is a lot smaller than we had hoped.

The Telegraph – 3 stars “a director running on empty”
The Playlist – B “In moments like these it feels like Malick is doing something new, in amongst so much that is very familiar.”
THR – “The upshot is a certain tedium and repetitiveness along with the rhythmic niceties and imaginative riffs.”
Variety – “there’s no denying this star-studded, never-a-dull-moment cinematic oddity represents another flawed but fascinating reframing of man’s place in the modern world”

Thanks to Belerofonte and Lightscamerareaction.

Thor 3

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Thor 3: Ragnarok news is bubbling, with the rumours suggesting a very epic, brutal and game changing film. Underscoring that are some leaks from the crew, in the form of Tom Hiddleston and writer of the film, Christopher Yost.

Let’s start with his tweet.

Then we have Hiddleston talking about the mythology of the character from last year, and it definitely seems to tie into Ragnarok being a huge moment in the Marvel universe.

I’m far from being a Thor superfan, but this sounds quite promising indeed. It appeals to be dark dark soul.

Natalie Back in L.A.

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Natalie and Aleph were spotted arriving at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday. Looks like they arrived from a brief stop in Miami based on these Twitter sightings. Please note that Aleph is clearly pictured in the gallery (but not at the source). Thanks to Belerofonte and Kitten for the finds.

KoC Tidbits

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Sooo a little follow up to yesterday’s hope and prayer that Knight Of Cups could make it to Cannes. I thought an Italian Magazine tweet suggested that KoC might be a late addition to the festival…well MrsKiraSayers informed me that the tweet actually suggested that the film WOULD NOT make the festival.

Then today the news broke that several new films had been added, none of which had Knights nor Cups. So maybe it’s time to give up the dream.

On second thought, long live the dream!

Thanks to lightscamerareaction and Belerofonte.


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Another round of mini news items starting with…

– An Italian film magazine twitter account is speculating/predicting/reporting that Knight Of Cups is the film that might get the late entry to Cannes. Thanks to Kitten.

– Speaking of Cannes, the jury has been selected and if KoC is in the running, Natalie’s film will be judged by her La Vie En Rose director, Sofia Coppola, plus her ex-boyfriend, Gael Garcia Bernal.

– Finally, here is another nice still from Macbeth. I promise I’ll now stop harping on about this missed opportunity (Natalie was cast but dropped out to do A Tale Of Love And Darkness)…at least till a trailer arrives.



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A good batch of mini updates for you guys today. Enjoy.

– First up a new article about Natalie and her A Tale Of Love And Darkness collaboration with Polish cinematographer, Slawomir Idziak. It also comes with this new photo of the two of them.


– Next up is an article speculating that Terrence Malick’s Knight Of Cups could be premiering in Cannes. The final lineups are announced in just a couple weeks so the wait won’t be too long.

– Finally, a couple Natalie related tweets. The first from a sighting in France and the second from the probable DJ for the Tale Of Love And Darkness wrap party.

Thanks to Belerofonte and Kitten.


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A few odds and ends today. Mostly ends.

– Starting with the news that Natalie came 4th in Forbes’ Best Actor For Their Buck list. They calculate the gross of a stars last 3 films and then divide that by the actors salary. And if that sounds like a moronic formula to determine bang for buck, you’d be dead right. Nice to see Natalie so high up but the list is offensively dumb and tells us almost nothing.

– Amo has been running our Tumblr, which featured a new find every day from our extensive collection of Natalie photos. Unfortunately, the page has become more like Squatr, as Amo has been too busy of late and can no longer update it. If someone out there wants to take up the reins, please drop me a line. Preferably someone familiar with Tumblr, the Natalie photo library and who has been around the site for awhile.

– On a more positive note, we passed 10k followers on our Twitter feed recently. Pretty good going, even if half of that are bots and people that think I’m Natalie.


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Nothing to write home about but…

– Let’s start with a cute writeup about Natalie being Long Island’s hometown heroine. I especially liked this little story.

The actress lived for a time in Sea Cliff, where longtime resident and Bart’s Barber Shop owner Joseph Mazzeo once cut her hair. “She came in with her mom, and I had no idea who she was,” Mazzeo recalls. “She was growing her hair out, and she said, ‘Give me a Mohawk.’” He later learned that she’d shaved her head for a movie roll. “Her mom looked nervous,” Mazzeo says, “but Natalie told me, ‘I bet you think I’m 14, but I’m 24.’”

– Another fan sighting via instagram. Seems this was taken in LA but no idea when.

UPDATE – Despite the LA tag it seems the photo was taken in Israel, which makes a hell of a lot more sense.


– Finally, Garcy found a really funny Anna Kendrick tweet from yesterday.


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Just a few odds and ends for today. Nothing that will change the world. Or will it? No, it won’t.

– Let’s start with the good news, for the bean counters at Marvel, that Thor 2 has already passed the first film’s total box office. Some numbers for you…

The film made $38 million this weekend in North America. Just a 55% drop from the opening weekend, which is pretty good. That takes it to $147 million and combined with the international, the film is now at $480 million. The first film managed $450 million total.

– Next up is a very sneaky shot of Natalie and Benjamin from Paris a few days ago. I would have probably done the same thing so I can’t really cast too much judgement.


– Finally, a comic strip depiction of the artists meeting of Natalie. What stood out for me is how honest he is about it. see for yourself.


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Things will be quietening down now but hey, it was fun while it lasted, huh? 😛

On to today’s tidbits…

– Thor: The Dark World ended up with $82 million from it’s North American debut, around a 30% bump from the first film. It’s the 4th biggest opening of the year and the film is already at $330 million internationally. So a big financial success, however our own talkback thread has just one comment, which makes me think it’s very much another decent time to pass while munching popcorn but once it’s over there’s not much else to chew on.

The Playlist at least have some thoughts and have put together a list of the things that they loved about the film and the things that bothered them. If you haven’t seen the film yet, tread carefully.

– Finally, Kitten almost gave me a heart attack with this find. A spoof Twitter argument between Natalie and Lynne Ramsay using our Twitter account. For half a second I thought our account had been hacked 😛

– Finally, here is Natalie asking some rather lame and repetitive questions at the Thor screening in New York.

Natalie on 50 mn Inside

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Olivia Fabresse tweeted a new snapshot of Natalie taken when she was being featured on TF1’s 50 mn Inside during her Thor: The Dark World promotional tour in Paris. The program, which includes a career retrospective and interview, aired last Saturday. I’m not sure how to embed the video, but the link to view it at is here. Thanks to Kitten as always for the find.


New Thor 2 Stills

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ComicBookMovie.com have posted 40 new (and possibly spoiler-y) hi-res still frames from Thor: The Dark World. Six of them feature Natalie’s Jane Foster and have been added to our gallery. Thanks to Kitten!

Hit the jump for a tweet from the proud creators of Jane’s hair cape.

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Couple more mini news items while Natalie, possibly, heads back to the states for the US leg of Thor promotion.

– We start with Natalie interviewed on French radio. She replies in French at one point and generally seems to follow along pretty well. Personally I’ve found her explanations about her level of French to be consistent, but I’m sure this will not adept enough or too adept or…hell, I can’t even follow what people are complaining about.

– In case you need more convincing one way or the other, here is yet another Thor: The Dark World TV spot.

– Finally, Britney Spears, who knows Natalie from their early Stagedoor Manor years, mentioned her in a Twitter Q&A.

Thanks to Toto20 and Kitten.


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We’ve got a bumper edition of tidbits today.

– Breaking Bad (one of the best shows ever made) aired it’s second last episode on Sunday. The episode was dark as the night but there was a little Natalie related levity in the form of a Mr Magorium joke. Didn’t see that one coming.

– If this tweet is correct, Natalie is back in the UK.

– Below has some video of Natalie’s appearance at the ballet gala.

– And finally, The Playlist has an assessment of Luc Besson’s career. The Professional/Leon gets the lions share of the kudos.

Despite some of Besson’s signature quirks shining through, and the borderline inappropriate relationship between the assassin and the young girl (while there are a couple of moments in the movie that give you pause, their connection seems to be emotional more than romantic) in a lot of ways “Léon” (released as the more anonymous “The Professional” in the U.S.) represents the peak of Besson’s abilities as a filmmaker – it’s cleanly told, boldly stylized, violent, emotional and, at its core, features a powerful young woman coming to terms with that power. It epitomizes his love of foreign art films and Hollywood action movies, all in one beautifully concise package, and it might be the best Gary Oldman bad guy role ever (which is really saying something).