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I don’t even know how to followup on Saturday’s update. The talkback of which went from liking the silly outfit to betraying Jews and the lake of fire to Natalie going on a killing spree and eventually ending up at Ayn Rand. And we didn’t even approve the REALLY crazy stuff.

So, I’m afraid, this can only bore in comparison.

The last np.comic had an annoying spelling error but Matt has corrected it. On the off chance that you’re a collector, the fixed version of #43 can be found here.

I’m going to keep the Leon poll going for one more day so if you haven’t voted yet…

This is important!

Not much in the way of news or images today but Pasha did find 3 small images from old sets.

Dog walk
Devendra walk
Devendra walk : now with added tongue

And Fanatical found a new pic from the amfAR gallery, in which Devendra and Natalie look a bit like wax museum figures.

And finally, a cool psychedelic wallpaper from Scott.


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  • trippy627 says:

    All Natalie told me to say was that all women live in hell and that she rules that teritory. Right? Right.

  • starprincess66 says:

    the picture titled dog walk looks like Nat is looking at the last picture, which appears to be britney spears about to drop her baby, if you look closely.

  • dazza says:

    Hah, well spotted.

  • virgo says:

    I do not think Natalie would go on a killing spree. And I dont think she would ever knowingly betray the Jews. And …I believe she hopes for peace in the middle east…and for the Jews.

  • downwithbears says:

    Thank you, Virgo. I was really worried there for a second, but your post has reassured me.

    I’m not a fan of the short shorts, or the penis belt. I am a fan of seeing Natalie looking so happy and having fun. And I’m even more of a fan of seeing some people on here freaking out because she’s with someone different than the typical pretty boy type actresses usually date, so I still approve.

    Turkey FTW!

  • Mockingbird says:

    Some of the comments in the last talkback were hilarious albeit terrifying. You’d think they were pictures of Natalie biting the head of a hamster whilst carving 666 into her forehead with her fingernails and burning pictures of various religious figures from the way people reacted to a flannel shirt and short shorts. Maybe they all have a deep-seated trauma related to denim shorts and flannel? And you say those were only the comments you APPROVED? Wow…

  • omgzrachel says:

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around some of the warped… logic in the unapproved posts. D:

  • virgo says:

    actually…I agree with some of the people like clone that dont like what Devendra is doing. What I meant was simply…Natalie is still a nice person …I believe. And I think she deserves someone that is not doing what I see Devendra doing…it just seems really abnormal. I agree with Clones point. And I hope that she is not dating that guy!

  • virgo says:

    I hope this does not make anyone mad…but…I still havn’t seen Leon.

  • clone says:

    In that image, Dev is more like a doll than a man. that is one reason why his not made for her, cause you can tell he would make good looking on red carpets. natalie looks 100% a woman. dev 2% of a man out of 100%.

  • smilecrazy_4me says:

    notice in the picture from the amfAR gallery, the lady’s shoes in the background look like nats from the Dolce and Gabanna party.

  • nimbuschick says:

    Natalie Portman and V for Vendetta got a mention on Metalocalypse last night. It was kind of amazing. The episode can be seen at the Cartoon Network Website.

  • Teo says:

    Dazza, did you get the wallpaper I sent you?

  • dazza says:

    Teo, no I don’t think I did. What day was it sent? I’ll check in the spam folder.

  • Teo says:

    I just sent it again!

  • jfenton3 says:

    Define man please, and if you are unable to, honestly you lack intelligence, which I would say qualifies you for complete man hood. He has long hair, yes. He sings, yes. He’s a tad thin, yes. He’s completely out of his mind, yes. He is ridiculously intelligent, yes. And he’s doing one thing clone isn’t and would probably like to be. The point is, people attack what is different because of ignorance, and are usually ignorant because something about it scares them. Does Devendra Banhart scare you?

  • goya says:

    I actually like his ambiguity! I think he is really attractive!
    Dont like the penis thing, though, but I am srue it is just a joke!
    Don’t judge a book by it’s cover , they say…!


  • clone says:

    It wasn’t a joke, but the way he prefers to entertain people.

    also it looks terrible wearing a white tie and white shoes with a black suit. I wouldnt wear that. he looks more like a circus clown than a man.

  • dazza says:

    Was it missing a Darth Vader cape and Batman underpants?