scandal shorts no more

I don’t even know how to followup on Saturday’s update. The talkback of which went from liking the silly outfit to betraying Jews and the lake of fire to Natalie going on a killing spree and eventually ending up at Ayn Rand. And we didn’t even approve the REALLY crazy stuff.

So, I’m afraid, this can only bore in comparison.

The last np.comic had an annoying spelling error but Matt has corrected it. On the off chance that you’re a collector, the fixed version of #43 can be found here.

I’m going to keep the Leon poll going for one more day so if you haven’t voted yet…

This is important!

Not much in the way of news or images today but Pasha did find 3 small images from old sets.

Dog walk
Devendra walk
Devendra walk : now with added tongue

And Fanatical found a new pic from the amfAR gallery, in which Devendra and Natalie look a bit like wax museum figures.

And finally, a cool psychedelic wallpaper from Scott.