After the jump I’ve got 30 captures from the frenetic night club scene that the editor of Black Swan said was the most complicated scene in the film, involving 1000 manipulated images over just 45 seconds of screen time.

If you thought it was a case of mostly normal club scenes with the odd bit of subtle crazy thrown in, think again. It was probably the exact opposite of that, with only a handful of “wow, a normal looking shot” thrown in.

Obviously, you may want to avoid these images, although it’s hard to classify them as spoilers because you can watch the film 100 times and you still won’t be able to pick out most of this stuff, unless you slow it down.

Now, let’s hop down the rabbit hole.

Let’s begin with 3 shots that are common examples of Natalie here, Natalie there, Natalie everywhere. There are TONS of other frames like this.

And now it gets a bit more trippy and interesting.

I hope you guys enjoyed that because it took way too long to put together ๐Ÿ˜›



21 Responses to Black Swan Nightclub Scene

  1. 5 years ago by achtung_natalie

    crazy stuff!

  2. 5 years ago by Jenski

    I’d heard about this scene before seeing the movie so I kept waiting for it and waiting for it, refused to blink during the sequence, and still managed not to see half of this.

  3. 5 years ago by dazza

    That’s still a lot more than I was able to make out in the theatre. Although to be fair, I was mainly looking for boobs.

  4. 5 years ago by Betareject

    Wow they certainly weren’t kidding this is incredibly intense! Thanks for uploading these shots for us!

  5. 5 years ago by jesslv74

    Wow, I didn’t notice ANY of the Swan or extra Natalie’s in the commotion…it was just too crazy for my eyes. Very creative of Afronofsky. I can’t wait to see this in action and pick it apart on the blu-ray disc. Thanks for putting that together.

  6. 5 years ago by natasc

    I wasn’t looking for this either as I was more trying to understand the scene as a whole, but wow!
    Crazy stuff! After I buy the Blue-ray maybe I get to pay more attention to those details! lol

    Great job Daz!

    p.s. those eyes reminds me of wolfman! *ouch*

  7. 5 years ago by omgzrachel

    Oh lawd, I foresee capping pages worth of this when the blu-ray comes out.

  8. 5 years ago by PatrynXX

    feeling like clockwork orange here O_O

  9. 5 years ago by Beti-88

    I DID notice most of the stuff in that scene.

    But damn, apart from a few scenes (guess which ones), Black Swan was boring and predictable.

    Sooo predictable. Thrillers shouldn’t be.

  10. 5 years ago by anda

    This is amazing. Thanks, Dazza!

  11. 5 years ago by NPortmanFan

    Dude…that is awesome! I only noticed about 3 or 4 of those things. I tried SO very hard to see everything but they edited it so well. The club scene is amazing.

  12. 5 years ago by jen.evar

    This is the one scene that has me so excited for the Blu-Ray release. I noticed this stuff the second time I saw Black Swan in theaters and have been waiting ever since. I look forward to watching it in slow motion to catch all the things integrated into this scene.

  13. 5 years ago by justanotherfan

    The amount of work that went into this scene is crazy! Amazing film, I’ve watched it three times now and i’m still discovering little bits i haven’t before. Here’s the club scene in sow motion:
    Not amazing quality, but you can still see alot of the shots :)

  14. 5 years ago by justanotherfan

    Actually,scrap that last video:
    Alot better, shows you each image in HD! ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. 5 years ago by Ashmiester

    Wonderful…so cool.

    Thank you!

  16. 5 years ago by sweezysara

    Some scenes, i saw it where Natalie was becoming a black swan but the other scenes where they’re are in a like in a play, i didn’t saw it. maybe some other time i will, if i can.. :)

    A Club scenes is great!

  17. 5 years ago by sppr21

    this is insane yet amazing!

  18. 5 years ago by bobnarka

    crazy pictures on my birthday… like a gift :))

  19. 5 years ago by Agie

    This just proves how much Nina’s mind got f*cked up.

  20. 5 years ago by AMSSERME

    Wow I never knew these “easter eggs” were there.These scenes pass so fast,it is easy to pass unnoticed.Thanks Dazza.I don’t think the movie’s special features will explain this scene in the Blu-Ray,perhaps in the director’s commentary.

  21. 5 years ago by Mathildaforever

    Bellissima sempre. You are the first.


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