After the jump I’ve got 30 captures from the frenetic night club scene that the editor of Black Swan said was the most complicated scene in the film, involving 1000 manipulated images over just 45 seconds of screen time.

If you thought it was a case of mostly normal club scenes with the odd bit of subtle crazy thrown in, think again. It was probably the exact opposite of that, with only a handful of “wow, a normal looking shot” thrown in.

Obviously, you may want to avoid these images, although it’s hard to classify them as spoilers because you can watch the film 100 times and you still won’t be able to pick out most of this stuff, unless you slow it down.

Now, let’s hop down the rabbit hole.

Let’s begin with 3 shots that are common examples of Natalie here, Natalie there, Natalie everywhere. There are TONS of other frames like this.

And now it gets a bit more trippy and interesting.

I hope you guys enjoyed that because it took way too long to put together 😛

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