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Natalie has potentially three films that could come out this year, and all three have ranked highly (would have been four if she hadn’t left Macbeth) in The Playlist’s comprehensive list of 100 films to look forward to in 2014.

First up is Jane Got A Gun at #33. Read the full write up on this page.

This has been a passion project for Portman for a long time, and why not? A shoot-‘em-up western with a strong woman at the center sounds like a pretty cool, straightforward concept.

Then the Terrence Malick films are lumped together at #4. Read the full write up over here.

Why Is It Anticipated: Because it’s Terrence Malick, who is in the midst of one of his most prolific periods in his career.



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  1. 2 years ago by Adonis

    “Jane Got a Gun” will be a great film – I’m looking forward to it!
    But where I’ve been most looking forward to the statement by Natalie, she also wants to make films in France …
    I’m sure this statement has arrived in the ears of Luc Besson …. who knows?

    • 2 years ago by Dazza

      You do realize that even if Besson and Natalie wanted to make a sequel they do not have the rights to the project and couldn’t make it. Think we’ll see Free Zone 2 before we see a Leon sequel.

  2. 2 years ago by a fan in France

    I believe in a Leon sequel.

  3. 2 years ago by cherryvanilla

    I really look forward to the ”Eating Animals” documentary too. I think it’s gonna be released this year too, right?

  4. 2 years ago by Adonis

    Dazza, who has the film rights, “Gaumont”, right?
    Okay, let’s say you are Natalie, I’m Luc. We meet in Paris and some us, YES , we make this sequel, and “Weinstein Company” or “MGM” buy the rights back and financing the project …
    What can “Mathilda” stop?

    • 2 years ago by Dazza

      Yes, Gaumont has the rights and they hate Besson. Besson tried many times to get Mathilda off the ground but couldn’t make it happen. Natalie has said she’d be interested but I suspect she might be just being nice, and in reality she probably also realizes that the chances of it being a good film are very slim.

      The director of Colombiana confirmed that Natalie wasn’t interested and Gaumont wouldn’t release the rights. So Besson and him made Colombiana, which was basically an unofficial sequel to The Professional.

      And it was awful. We can all be thankful that Natalie wasn’t involved.

  5. 2 years ago by anqxxx

    Dear Lord…not “Mathilda” again …

  6. 2 years ago by Adonis

    And why “not Mathilda again” … where is your problem?
    You know, I think you have absolutely no idea what it is for an important film for Natalie here …

  7. 2 years ago by Adonis

    Why should they hate Luc Besson?
    No, no, I do not think Natalie thought “Mathilda” will not a huge success – never!
    You know, all these little problems are nothing if will and determination is there.
    And of course I agree with you fully that Natalie, thank God, was not in Columbiana …. would be really terrible ..
    It can only be a sequel, “Mathilda”.

    • 2 years ago by Dazza

      The Colombiana director said that with Natalie’s career as it is now she wouldn’t be interested in a Mathilda film. He might be guessing and wrong, he might be guessing and right, or he might know based on some conversations that have happened.

      Besson left Gaumont to form his own company. Gaumont apparently still hold a grudge and it’s why they have not given the rights to Leon back to Besson.

      Personally, even if they got the rights back, I doubt Natalie would do it. The chances of failure and disappointment are so high.

  8. 2 years ago by Adonis

    It is possible that there are so Dazza, Gaumont, Besson, Megaton, the film rights here the film rights there, etc..
    But Natalie wants the film, she wants the sequel – they emphasized at every opportunity over and over again.
    And that’s what gives me the hope that it still comes to the sequel.
    It is impossible that “Mathilda” will not be a huge success – impossible!

    • 2 years ago by Dazza

      Megatron doesn’t seem to think she’s interested and out of you, me and him he’s the one who probably would have the best grasp on the truth.

      I think most people would feel the chances of Mathilda living up to the quality of Leon are very slim indeed. So maybe impossible for someone who is obsessed with the film but very possible for everyone else.

  9. 2 years ago by Adonis

    Natalie is totally interested and wants the sequel she says it over and over again at every opportunity ….. , everybody knows that.
    And as long as Natalie longs for this film, I stand fully behind her and will always find good words for this movie.
    No matter whatO Megatonsays, maybe he’s right …. but only Natalie can give me the true answer …

    • 2 years ago by Dazza

      You’re exaggerating. There is no evidence that Natalie “longs” for the film. She has said that she won’t even read the script because Besson won’t direct it. That tells you that she is “longing” to work with Besson again, not that she’s “longing” to make the sequel. If she was so excited about the sequel do you not think she’d at least be interested to spend an hour reading the script?

  10. 2 years ago by Adonis

    Well, maybe Natalie will confirm in the next interview that they will not make the sequel.
    It would be hard for me that would be my hope to Mathilda away …. forever …
    No matter what happens, Natalie forever

  11. 2 years ago by Adonis

    My question always remains the same …
    How is it possible that a lot of fans, even if they know that Natalie wants a sequel, are against this movie?
    Yes I know everyone has their own opinion about “Mathilda”, etc etc. ..
    But why are they against another Natalie movie?

    • 2 years ago by Dazza

      For a start, I am not convinced Natalie wants it. She is now a big enough name to greenlight almost anything. I think she could solve the Gaumont dispute and get the rights back if she really wanted to. If she had any interest she would have read the script.

      Why I personally would be very nervous about a sequel…

      1) Besson hasn’t directed a good film in a very long time.
      2) In fact, Besson hasn’t directed many good films AT ALL.
      3) The films he produces are mostly generic action films that are better suited to Jason Statham than Natalie, imo.
      4) Colombiana was an unofficial sequel to Leon. It was a glimpse into what they wanted to do with the sequel. And it was an awful film.
      5) Leon’s strength was the relationship of Jean Reno with a young Natalie Portman. Neither exist anymore.
      6) I think showing Mathilda as a hitwoman betrays the ending of the original film.
      7) The Professional felt like lightning in a bottle. I doubt the sequel could live up to that high level. And if it didn’t it would just feel extra sad and disappointing, possibly even ruining feelings for the first film.

  12. 2 years ago by Adonis

    Dazza if nothing happens in the next 2 -3 years have you won, I lost …

    I hope that in the many interviews that Natalie is sure to give even the big question comes. “Do you want, or are they still interested in a sequel to her first great film as Mathilda”?
    And then we’ll see what will be Natalie’s answer again … Yes or No?
    And so an interview comes faster than you think.
    But what if she says again that she wants the film?

  13. 2 years ago by Adonis

    Dazza, just one question

  14. 2 years ago by Adonis

    Do you believe that Natalie would say no when another director takes the script by Luc and would make the sequel?

    • 2 years ago by Dazza

      It would depend on who the director is. I suspect it would take someone she’s absolutely dying to work with in order to tempt her.

  15. 2 years ago by Adonis

    Yeah, for a top film like “Mathilda” without Besson must have really everything be perfect for Natalie with a another director.
    This is probably the most important requirement for a successful cooperation between the two sides.


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