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By January 2, 2014Nat-news

The first (small) bit of Natalie news for the year.

A Tale Of Love And Darkness, Natalie’s directorial debut, will soon start filming in Israel. I reached out to our source to see if we could expect filming news any day now. I was told pre-production is still ongoing, but that the expected start date is late January or early February. It’s also not expected to be a long shoot, but I’m not sure what that’s relative to.

To get into the mood, click the thumb below to check out Natalie directing her short film, Eve.



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  • Adonis says:

    I think Natalie makes her first, but also very careful step to try out something new.
    I hope and pray that this movie is for Natalie the beginning of a new career as a film director ….
    Because if the film is a success, in my opinion, be more film projects arise for Natalie … and who knows, maybe Natalie will then perform their own director and actress in the great sequel as “Mathilda” … everything is possible 😉
    It would be a sensation in Hollywood.

  • Eve was an exception, a beauty that went by quasi unnoticed by the general public. I sincerely wish the whole team working on Oz’s piece (that I really hope to discover on-screen in december or next year) to make the very best of this opportunity to assist and inspire Portman’s deep insight and original outlook. Her movies are comparable to paintings, portraits and all likewise pieces of art. Not only has she looks and elegance but a brilliant star-like mind that can definitely reach out to a new audience. I bet my balls on that!

  • Fan says:

    I liked the movie Leon Killer Film is a very sad and lonely girl image Matilda brought long dreary melancholy and sadness Leon died and not defeating the evil in the form of dirty drug addicts Thank you for such a good movie right now, very little I almost cried after watching the movie

  • Adonis says:

    “Leon” was and is one of the best movies ever.
    This great performance the Natalie embodies as “Mathilda” was simply stunning, the best of her life.

    Therefore, I call for “Mathilda” again and again – a sequel that must necessarily come …. we still have time ..

    It is always nice to see fans who “Leon” are among their best films ….

  • Fan says:

    A small, modest girl Mathilda and left alone for a lifetime without achieving justice because before her eyes several corpses film is very sad and the music of Sting at the end of the film has added sorrow to mention the fact that evil does not win Course I was surprised that she wanted to kill herself drug lord politseiskogo having no experience

  • Fan says:

    Jean Ren course I’m old and he was not up movies, and he was never more to star in movie sequels Leon Killer 2, but I think this movie will remain in his memory forever as millions of TV viewers have watched this sad and difficult moral movie .. . Can say that in real life it happens to people, only to save them no one … After this film still on