Nat Sighting

A visitor to the site, Martin, had a surprising Nat sighting in London on Saturday. Here’s his story.

I took a trip to see ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ at the Donmar Warehouse today with Rachel Weisz staring as Blanche Dubois.

About 5 mins before the play starts a couple of women sit in front of me and as I’m flicking through the program, I’m thinking i recognise that voice, look up and its only Natalie sat chatting to a friend.

Im not sure if she was tired or bored of the play but she was constantley shuffling in her seat, cracking her knuckles and playing with her necklace.

Also I’m assuming that Elliot Cowan (the actor playing the role of Stanley) wasn’t doing a good enough southern accent since everytime he had a lot of dialouge – Natalie and her friend burst into a fit of giggling!

Knuckle cracking? Say it ain’t so! 😛