Exclusive Tidbits

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  A few days back someone asked me why Natalie didn't have a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. I wasn't sure if she had been asked and not…

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Is Natalie Expecting?

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  Yeeeah, so we've been trying to dance around this as much as possible. Waiting for some kind of official confirmation, but it hasn't been forthcoming (in fact a Jewish…

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Tale Update

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  The first (small) bit of Natalie news for the year. A Tale Of Love And Darkness, Natalie's directorial debut, will soon start filming in Israel. I reached out to…

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To Dare Is To Don’t

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  In the comments section of yesterday's post, Narkel wondered if Natalie was still in the running for Dare Me, the twisted cheerleader film. I mailed my source about it…

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Exclusive: Tale For 2014?

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  It sounded like Natalie's feature directorial debut, A Tale Of Love And Darkness, was about to film imminently, at least that's what the first report out of Israel said.…

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Comic Can’t

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  Something of a exclusive as I was told by my source that Natalie is unable to make it to San Diego Comic Con for the Thor 2 panel.…

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  Today's mini updates are focused inwards. - First up a little news from my source. I asked about Eating Animals, the documentary that Natalie was setting up a year…

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Jackie Update

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I finally got confirmation from my source regarding Jackie. Deadline Hollywood are normally on the money and their report was once again accurate. She is the first choice for the…

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