Today’s mini updates are focused inwards.

– First up a little news from my source. I asked about Eating Animals, the documentary that Natalie was setting up a year ago. Last we heard, back in April, was that the adaptation (does a documentary count as an adaptation?) of the Jonathan Safran Foer novel was moving ahead steadily. At the time it sounded like production was beginning soon, which was obviously a bit optimistic. From what I was told the project is still going ahead, with Natalie producing, but they’re still in the process of finalizing deals.

– The Charlies have been stalled by Poll Daddy not being up to the task. We’re looking into setting up a new poll system because daddy is letting down the rest of the family. At this rate by the time the awards are ready to go Charlie won’t be alive anymore. Wait, he’s what now? Noooooooooooo!

– Valentines Day is a week away, and long time visitors will know that this is also our birthday…anniversary…birthiversary. This makes us 13…we’re officially teenagers! It would be great if you guys could send in some fanart to celebrate either occasion.