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day 4 of PORTMANIA is June 9th! the last Day of PORTMANIA 19 which is, of course, NATALIE’S BIRTHDAY!


Today she turns 36. this is a cause of celebration around the world!!!! And what better way to celebrate than with the final four categories of the Charlie Awards?

first up in Best Video is… Natalie playing Password with JJ Abrams and Neil Diamond! and one of the Higgins Boys.

The second and third category is the Best and Worst News of the Year! The Best News was Natalie being Pregnant with her Second Child!

The Worst News is Natalie not appearing in Thor: Ragnarok

and the last category was rating the year 2016 which you guys rated at a 4 out of 5! hooray!

alright! now what? now a Natalie Portman FACT!

Natalie FACT: (warning Natalie FACTS are coarse and rough and irritating and they get everywhere) Natalie once ate an entire bag of jellybeans just to prove a point! Not a soul knows what that point was. it might have had something to do with Jellybean Jones but, again,

no one knows for sure.

and so ends another PORTMANIA. every year is a good year when Natalie Portman is around but this year was the best year ever because there is now TWO NatKids!! i’m sure that will be reflected at the next Charlie Awards. Thanks to Dazza for keeping the site going all the time and thanks to YOU, the viewer for wanting to know more about Natalie. Next year will also be PORTMANIA #20! so start saving up now because it’s an anniversary year and i’m going to have lots of merchandise to sell. maybe i’ll jar some pickles! until then, my friends…


PORTMANIA is painless

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Let’s do the Charlie Awards first!

The first Category for today is Best Wallpaper and the winner is from Celina!

EXTRAORDINARY, Celina! you must be a professional! AND you can schedule for last December!

the next category is for the BEST DRAWING and it’s a big win for Andrew and his drawing…

EXCELLENT, Andrew! You must be an artist!

and that’s the only two for today! More Tomorrow of course!!!

now let’s talk about a common problem among people of the world currently…

So you really want to PORTMANIA but your dad says “No.” what should you do?


Step 1: show him Natalie Portman Movies. There’s like 30 of them. Start with The Professional. This will help him realize that she is the BEST ACTRESS EVER.

Step 2: Show him the various Natalie Portman interviews from the many years of her being a celebrity. This will help him realize that she is the BEST PERSON EVER!!

Step 3: Sing him a PORTMANIA song. you can do this by making one up or by singing one of the many official PORTMANIA songs. there are no official PORTMANIA SONGS.

Step 4: Put a cow in his bathroom. This will show him that all animals are equals and they have a right to be everywhere you as a human being are allowed.

Step 5: Show him NataliePortman.Com This will show him many people agree with your philosophies and he’s an idiot for not agreeing.

Step 6: Remove the cow from the bathroom. You’re dad is going to be really upset with this. and he has a right to be. i was way off on the “cows are human beings” thing.

Follow these simple steps and your Father will lose all respect for you! that’s what we were going for right?

now we can all get on with our days. let’s make this a good day by smiling and laughing at everyone you see! pointing is encouraged. Tomorrow will be the final FOUR categories of the Charlie Awards and NATALIE’S 36TH BIRTHDAY. let’s prepare for something amazing!!

PORTMANIA is the one that you want!!

PORTMANIA you got loose and I threw up

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DAY 2 of the 19th PORTMANIA is now and so….

let’s start with a plug for the Natalie Portman Wakelet! it’s a collection of all the videos of all the things Natalie Portman has done for a long time. I haven’t had a chance to update it for a little while but it’s pretty good. go ahead and look around there and SIGN UP! and if you see anything missing in there let me know. i’ll try to add it.

NOW let’s get on with the PORTMANIA!!!

you’ve been waiting patiently for the charlie awards and so here they ARE!

The first category in the Charlie AWARDS is Best Editorial Photo! and the winner is…

MOST DESERVING! The voting was pretty even in this category but this still won comfortably.

the next category is Best Public Appearance and this one had a much clearer winner.

and the Charlie Goes to…

The 73rd Venice Film Festival Planetarium premiere!

This almost had as many votes as the other 4 contenders combined!

Next up is the BEST Advertising Photo

a surprise to be sure. but a welcome one.

and the final category for the day is Most Anticipated Upcoming Natalie Movie!!!

and the winner is………..


whooooo! no surprise there!

oh wait… we got it wrong. whoops. one second… i’m so sorry about this… the actual winner is ANNIHILATION! by a landslide!

and that will be the end of PORTMANIA day 2! tomorrow more Charlies and less suckiness! i swear!


Rate 2016

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And then there was one. The final Charlie Awards category is to vote for the overall rating of the year. We actually had some films for a change, which is good, but not all of them were special, which is bad. Did you feel rewarded as a Natalie fan or let down?

Rate the Year

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Worst News of the Year

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The Charlie Awards are finally (!!!) rounding to a finish. Today I want you all to weigh-in on the worst news for Natalie fans in 2016.

Worst News

Total Voters: 211

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Best Video Appearance

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We’re definitely due for another round of the Charlie Awards. Don’t worry, we’re almost done!

Today you’ll be voting on the best Natalie video appearance from 2016. Get to it!

Best Video Appearance

Total Voters: 140

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Most Anticipated Upcoming Film

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The next category in the Charlie Awards is to see what upcoming Natalie film you are most anticipating. It’s never completely fair, since some films we know a lot about and some we know next to nothing, but hey – who said life is fair?

Most Anticipated Upcoming Film

Total Voters: 255

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Charlie Award Winners

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Okay, it’s time to tie a ribbon around 2015 and say adios. You guys voted on a bunch of categories and here is the winner in each.


The most anticipated film of 2016 was Jackie but there was almost a shock win for Jane Got A Gun, which was in second place by only three votes. I suppose the fact that it was “in the news” at the time of the vote explains the bias.


Best public appearance was a lot more comfortable with Natalie’s Cannes look running away with it.


Best editorial photo was incredibly close with 6 votes separating the top 3 images. However, I personally think the right image won in the end.
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Charlies: Rate the year

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Well that took long enough. Like the post production on a Malick film, the Charlie Awards has taken a leisurely stroll to completion. Today we have the final category for you to vote on – simply, rate the 2015 Natalie year in news. 5 is the best Natalie year you could imagine. 1 is the worst. And then everything in between.

Rate The Year

Total Voters: 117

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Be sure to keep an eye out for the winners, which will be posted next week.

Charlies: Best News of the Year

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The Charlie Awards continue with the Best News of the Year. The film announcements probably could have all been included but that wouldn’t have left much room for anything else. In any case, what stood out as the best Natalie news of 2015?

Best News of the Year

Total Voters: 132

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Charlies: Best Drawing

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The Charlie Awards moves onto the Best Drawing category. While we didn’t have as many entries as the previous year, I still think we were able to narrow it down to five very strong Natalie drawings.

Best Drawing

Total Voters: 108

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Charlies: Best Wallpaper

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It’s time for the next category of our annual Charlie Awards and this is a personal favourite of mine every year – Best Wallpaper. Always great to highlight the gang of fanart creators that pull through for us year after year. Good luck to all of you ladies!

Best Wallpaper

Total Voters: 145

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Charlies: Best Video Appearance

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The Charlie Awards roll on the Best Video Category. There was actually quite a lot to choose from this year but this is the final five for you to vote on.

Best Video Appearance

Total Voters: 93

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Charlies: Best Advertising Photo

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The Charlie Awards continues its leisurely pace as today we focus on the Best Advertising Photo category. There wasn’t a lot to choose from this year but there are a couple stunners in play. As always, make sure you click to view the full images before voting.

Best Advertising Photo

Total Voters: 234

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Charlies: Best Editorial Photo

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It’s time for the next category in our annual Charlie Awards. There were a lot of great editorial photos to choose from today. After much hand-wringing, this is what we came up with.

Best Editorial Photo

Total Voters: 250

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Charlies: Best Public Appearance

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Now that things are a bit quieter it’s time to jump back into the Charlie Awards. Today we want to know your pick for Natalie’s best public appearance of 2015. Please don’t just rely on the thumbnail – click it and take a good look at the album to jog your memory. Then vote!

Best Public Appearance

Total Voters: 252

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Charlie Awards: Most Anticipated Film

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Charlie Awards

The Charlie Awards are finally here. It’s time to vote on the 2015 year in Natalieland. Normally we’d begin with Best Public Appearance but since Jane Got A Gun is opening this weekend, I thought it best to get this category out of the way first.

Most Anticipated Upcoming Film

Total Voters: 208

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Charlie Awards Status: Incoming

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Didn’t we just do these? It sure feels like it but nevertheless, once again we are pulling together the annual Charlie Awards, giving Natalie fans the chance to vote on the biggest news from Natalieland in 2015.

We’ll be starting in a few days but if you have any category ideas, please feel free to post them in the comments section.

Charlie Awards Winners

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It took long enough so I’m not going to waste any more time. Here are the winners…


Best Public Appearance proved to be one of the tighter categories with all the nominees receiving a lot of support. The winner was Natalie’s appearance at the Woodstock Film Festival but it managed the win with just a four vote margin.


Best Print Ad was a two horse race between two similar Miss Dior photos. In the end I feel the right photo was victorious.

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