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day 4 of PORTMANIA is June 9th! the last Day of PORTMANIA 19 which is, of course, NATALIE'S BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NATALIE PORTMAN! Birthday cake for EVERYONE! Today she turns…

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PORTMANIA is painless

DAY Three of PORTMANIA! Let's do the Charlie Awards first! The first Category for today is Best Wallpaper and the winner is from Celina! EXTRAORDINARY, Celina! you must be a…

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Rate 2016

  And then there was one. The final Charlie Awards category is to vote for the overall rating of the year. We actually had some films for a change, which…

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Best Video Appearance

  We're definitely due for another round of the Charlie Awards. Don't worry, we're almost done! Today you'll be voting on the best Natalie video appearance from 2016. Get to…

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Charlie Award Winners

Okay, it’s time to tie a ribbon around 2015 and say adios. You guys voted on a bunch of categories and here is the winner in each.


The most anticipated film of 2016 was Jackie but there was almost a shock win for Jane Got A Gun, which was in second place by only three votes. I suppose the fact that it was “in the news” at the time of the vote explains the bias.


Best public appearance was a lot more comfortable with Natalie’s Cannes look running away with it.


Best editorial photo was incredibly close with 6 votes separating the top 3 images. However, I personally think the right image won in the end.

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