Charlie Awards

Charlies: Best Public Appearance

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  Now that things are a bit quieter it's time to jump back into the Charlie Awards. Today we want to know your pick for Natalie's best public appearance of…

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Charlie Awards: Most Anticipated Film

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  The Charlie Awards are finally here. It's time to vote on the 2015 year in Natalieland. Normally we'd begin with Best Public Appearance but since Jane Got A Gun…

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Charlie Awards Status: Incoming

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  Didn't we just do these? It sure feels like it but nevertheless, once again we are pulling together the annual Charlie Awards, giving Natalie fans the chance to vote…

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Charlie Awards Winners

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It took long enough so I’m not going to waste any more time. Here are the winners…


Best Public Appearance proved to be one of the tighter categories with all the nominees receiving a lot of support. The winner was Natalie’s appearance at the Woodstock Film Festival but it managed the win with just a four vote margin.


Best Print Ad was a two horse race between two similar Miss Dior photos. In the end I feel the right photo was victorious.


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Charlie Awards: Rate The Year

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  We took the scenic route but eventually we are at the end of the Charlie Awards. Just one category left: the overall rating of the 2014 Natalie year. [poll…

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Charlie Awards: Worst News of the Year

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  Now it's time for the worst news of 2014. I suspect I'm forgetting one or two things and fully admit to stretching to find 5 choices. 2014 was so…

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Charlie Awards: Best News of the Year

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  We've got just 3 categories left of this years Charlie Awards. At the speed I'm getting through these we'd be almost ready to start with next year's awards by…

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