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By February 1, 2016Site-news

Now that things are a bit quieter it’s time to jump back into the Charlie Awards. Today we want to know your pick for Natalie’s best public appearance of 2015. Please don’t just rely on the thumbnail – click it and take a good look at the album to jog your memory. Then vote!

Best Public Appearance

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  • Antonio P. says:

    I appreciate its refinement and elegant style , no vulgarity . I appreciate its simplicity and its natural beauty .

  • Andy says:

    In the nature there are much more secret what a man can imagine.
    Have you seen Natalie?

  • harold eby says:

    Shocked i haven’t seen a female body that isn’t muscled and toned for a quite awhile..Natalie is a very beautiful girl,,love her work,,I was hoping that Leo had taught her to be ready for anything as he was,,still hoping that the Professional would complete itself,,Matilda never got the guy that killed her little brother…Loved Natalies work in Jane Got A Gun…Bye

  • harold eby says:

    Natalie with Batman star Christian bale is my favorite appearance,,two very talented artists

  • Andy says:

    As I know, I cannot proove…
    Matilda has finished the school with summa cum laude.
    She learned many sciences at the university but she enjoyed her sociology teachers’ class the most.
    He also loved her because Matilda’s knowledge was already bigger at that time too than her teachers’.
    After the school she stayed in New York because of the people.
    She tought that New York is not the city of sin but the city of life. There is Eat to live bar as well…
    ‘Matilda never got the guy that killed her little brother’ it is true, but you do not know that to kill somebody is much easier than to leave somebody alive with the knowledge. To know something is a very good feeling, there is only one thing better, not to know.
    She worked for many important international company but she did not find the right place yet.
    At half of them her boss’s knowledge was much lower than hers, at the other half her boss did not understand what she did and why.
    Leo died? It is true, but if you would like to drink the best wine of France go to the countryside and look for the shark.
    I do not know where Matilda is live or working now, but as I heard she work for the owner of a restaurant. Maybe italian.