What are you most excited about?

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What Natalie Portman news has you most excited? It's an interesting time in Natland with Natalie filming Pale Blue Dot (or whatever it's called), rumours of directing her next film,…

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Rate 2016

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  And then there was one. The final Charlie Awards category is to vote for the overall rating of the year. We actually had some films for a change, which…

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Worst News of the Year

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  The Charlie Awards are finally (!!!) rounding to a finish. Today I want you all to weigh-in on the worst news for Natalie fans in 2016. [poll id="62"]

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Best News

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  My plan to have the Charlie Awards become an all year event is working out pretty well, I feel ;-P Just 3 categories left, starting with Best Natalie News…

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Best Drawing

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  The Charlies switches to Best Drawing. There wasn't a ton of Natalie drawings in 2016 (2015 was a bumper year) but there was still some fine work to fill…

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Best Wallpaper

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  The Charlie Awards continues today with one of my favourite categories: Best Wallpaper. It's always great to see those who contribute to the site (some for years and years)…

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Best Advertising Photo

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  The Charlie Awards train stops for no one. Next up are the nominees for Best Advertising Photo of 2016. [poll id="57"]

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Most Anticipated Upcoming Film

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  The next category in the Charlie Awards is to see what upcoming Natalie film you are most anticipating. It's never completely fair, since some films we know a lot…

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