Charlies: Best Advertising Photo

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The Charlie Awards continues its leisurely pace as today we focus on the Best Advertising Photo category. There wasn’t a lot to choose from this year but there are a couple stunners in play. As always, make sure you click to view the full images before voting.

Best Advertising Photo

Total Voters: 234

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Charlies: Best Editorial Photo

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It’s time for the next category in our annual Charlie Awards. There were a lot of great editorial photos to choose from today. After much hand-wringing, this is what we came up with.

Best Editorial Photo

Total Voters: 250

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Charlies: Best Public Appearance

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Now that things are a bit quieter it’s time to jump back into the Charlie Awards. Today we want to know your pick for Natalie’s best public appearance of 2015. Please don’t just rely on the thumbnail – click it and take a good look at the album to jog your memory. Then vote!

Best Public Appearance

Total Voters: 252

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New Poll + InStyle Showdown Results

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It’s definitely time for a new poll and rather surprisingly 2016 has already provided several talking points. In the end I’ve decided to see what you guys think about the new Christian Dior Parfums shot, which I personally think is gorgeous but when it was suggested that I should zoom in…yeah, I see the other side of the argument as well.

As for the previous poll, while both InStyle photos are stunning, you guys definitely preferred the medium shot.


New Poll + JGAG Trailer Results

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Time for a new poll and on a suggestion from the community I’ve gone with a photo battle between the two new InStyle photos. To refresh your memory…

Up Close
Medium Distance

Two gorgeous photos but which one is your favourite?

There have been two trailers since our last poll but the feedback is in on the first trailer and it’s fairly positive. I think the trailers since then have done a better job of it so the results might be even more positive now. The results are below.


New Poll + premiere appearance results

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It’s about time for a new poll and I decided that you guys should get to finally weigh in on the Jane Got A Gun trailer.

As for the results of our previous poll, you guys thought the TIFF premiere look was the better of the two ATOLAD premiere looks. Not sure I agree with that one…


New Poll + Marie Claire Results

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Wow, it’s definitely time for a new poll. There are a few worthy topics but I’ve decided to go with a death match poll (one thing versus one other thing) about Natalie’s two recent ATOLAD premiere looks.

As for the last poll, if you can even remember that far back, while I thought the Marie Claire shoot was a big heap of “meh”, you guys generally thought differently. In fact the winning choice was the one stating that it was one of her best shoots ever, which kind of blows my mind.


New Marie Claire Poll

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It’s high time for a new poll and while I do want to do one about the new trailer, I want to start by doing a pulse check on Natalie’s Marie Claire UK shoot. Opinions seemed quite divided, which should make for intriguing results.

Fixed Poll

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Well I hope it’s fixed. Some people weren’t seeing the last poll so I started a new one. Please let me know if this does the trick.

New Poll + Tale of Macbeth Results

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It’s time for a new poll and with Jane Got A Gun (apparently) on the horizon, I thought it could be fund to try and predict when the trailer will see the light of day.

As for the last poll, it seems most of you think Natalie made the right decision to direct her first film and drop out of Macbeth. For her, I feel it was surely the right decision. For me as a fan…I’m less sure.


New Poll + New Film Results

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There are so many poll options to choose from but I’m going for something a bit odd. Natalie dropped out of Macbeth in order to film TOLAD. Both screened for the first time in Cannes. Natalie’s film got a mostly tepid reaction, but is obviously a wonderful achievement for her. Macbeth is getting some real rave reviews like “the beautiful ferocity and complexity of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” is reborn, forged in iron, blood, and fire”.

I’m sure Natalie wouldn’t swap the experiences but I’m curious what the fans think. So…

As for the previous poll about Natalie’s four upcoming projects, my choice came dead last while the latest addition, Jackie, nabbed top spot.


New Films Poll

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Okay, here is the poll about Natalie’s upcoming film projects again. We had to start afresh due to Jackie being announced after the initial poll went up.

New Poll + Heyday Results

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It’s well past time for a new poll and there happens to be a ton of options right now. I gave it a bit of thought and for me the biggest question is simply, which of the three new Natalie projects are you most looking forward to?

We have Annihilation, the all female sci-fi/horror novel adaptation to be directed by hotshot Alex Garland.
We have On the Basis of Sex, where Natalie will play Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Indie director Marielle Heller at the helm.
And then we have Planetarium, set in the 30’s with supernatural elements and Natalie playing the sister of Lily Rose Depp. It will be shot in France by director Rebecca Zlotowski.

As for the previous poll, this is rare indeed. The most positive option to a Natalie question is dead last!


New Poll + Next Film Results

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It’s time for a new poll and I think the first footage of Natalie’s upcoming James Franco project is a great topic, because even Rachel and I completely blanked on it when considering upcoming films for The Charlie Awards.

As for the last poll, which also happened to be film related, it was a photo finish – Vive La France!


Charlie Awards Winners

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It took long enough so I’m not going to waste any more time. Here are the winners…


Best Public Appearance proved to be one of the tighter categories with all the nominees receiving a lot of support. The winner was Natalie’s appearance at the Woodstock Film Festival but it managed the win with just a four vote margin.


Best Print Ad was a two horse race between two similar Miss Dior photos. In the end I feel the right photo was victorious.

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Charlie Awards: Rate The Year

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We took the scenic route but eventually we are at the end of the Charlie Awards. Just one category left: the overall rating of the 2014 Natalie year.

Rate the Natalie year from 5 (best) to 1 (worst)

Total Voters: 157

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New Poll + Vanity Fair Results

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It’s time for a new poll and more out of hope than anything, I wanted to look to Natalie’s next film project. There must be something on the way…surely.

As for our very straight forward poll about Natalie’s Oscar after party look, the appearance got a huge approval from Natalie fans as you’ll see below.


Charlie Awards: Worst News of the Year

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Now it’s time for the worst news of 2014. I suspect I’m forgetting one or two things and fully admit to stretching to find 5 choices. 2014 was so quiet even bad news was scarce.

Worst News Of The Year

Total Voters: 226

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Charlie Awards: Best News of the Year

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We’ve got just 3 categories left of this years Charlie Awards. At the speed I’m getting through these we’d be almost ready to start with next year’s awards by the time these are finished.

In any case, here is the big poll for the best Natalie news of 2014. Vote with your heart. Vote with your soul. And when you find me there you’ll search no more.

Best News of the Year

Total Voters: 165

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Charlie Awards: Most Anticipated Upcoming Film

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Just a few more categories left before we can announce the winners. Today we want to know what upcoming Natalie film you are most excited for. Amazingly, we could have 4 new Natalie films this year.

Most Anticipated Upcoming Film

Total Voters: 202

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