New Poll + KoC Results

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I’ve seen some variable opinions on Natalie’s red carpet appearance. In an effort to make it a close poll, I’m going to stick to two options and the “negative” option isn’t actually all that negative to begin with. So…

As for the last poll, the voting was quite evenly spread out regarding the post Berlinale excitement for Knight of Cups. I expected more disinterest given the reviews and the size of Natalie’s role, but it seems that the film is still very strongly on the radar for most of you.


Charlie Awards: Best Video Appearance

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Normally we have separate TV and internet appearance categories but since it was such a news light year, we’re throwing all the videos into one category. Quite a mashup of different types of videos but whatever gives you the most joy should land your vote.

Best Video Appearance

Total Voters: 78

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New Poll + Red Carpet Results

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With the mixed reviews for Knight of Cups combined with the news that Natalie is probably only in the film for 10 minutes (although it sounds like her time on screen leaves a strong impression) I thought it was a good time to do another pulse check for the film in the form of a new poll.

As for the red carpet appearance, woah, it doesn’t get a lot more positive than these results.


Charlie Awards: Best Drawing

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Man oh man, the amount of great drawn fanart was insane last year. So much greatness to choose from. We could have easily had another five nominees.

Just a reminder, the Charlie Awards results are hidden until we reveal the winners at the very end.

Best Drawing

Total Voters: 171

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New Poll + Air Results

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Man, where to begin. There are so many things to poll…let’s go with the tried and trusted angle of Natalie’s Knight of Cups red carpet appearance.

As for the Dior Air poll, the results are a positive but I thought there would be more votes for the “heavenly” option.



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Once more just an attempt to keep up with all the Natalie news flying about. There is still lots lots lots more to come this week.

– Another Knight of Cups review has arrived and it’s 4 out of 5 stars but I’m mentioning it because the writer considers Frida Pinto and Natalie’s scenes to be the most moving in the film.

– You can see Natalie’s arrival to last night’s Shooting Stars event on the Berlinale site. Natalie arrives at the 2:30 mark.

– The AskMen Top Outstanding Women poll (is it me or did they rebrand this poll to make it less meathead-y?) is up and you can vote for Natalie in the Star Performer section. It’s lucky Annie Clark isn’t there as I would have been torn.

– Finally, here is the full Knight of Cups press conference from Berlinale.

Thanks to Garcy, Belerofonte, Jess, and Lightscamerareaction.

Charlie Awards: Best Wallpaper

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It’s time for the next Charlie Awards category. This is always a very competitive category and once again I am really torn as to who gets my vote.

Best Wallpaper

Total Voters: 180

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New Poll + Jane Photo Results

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We are well overdue for a new poll and today I want to get your opinions on the DiorSkin Nude Air print ad.

As for the Jane Got A Gun photo poll, the results were very interesting. I fell into the winning option, which was that the photos didn’t really change my feelings about the film. But right behind were a group of Natalie fans who are now feeling a lot more positive about the films prospects. So good job marketing department. Now let’s have a trailer.


Charlies: Best Advertising Photo

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We couldn’t do a best magazine photo category this year due to the dearth of options. However, there were just about enough advertising snaps to warrant a strong new category.

Best Advertising Photo

Total Voters: 243

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Charlie Awards: Best Print Ad

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Despite a historically quiet year, we did actually get five print ads in 2014. Now it is your time to vote for your favourite. Please remember that voting results are hidden until the announcement of all the winners.

Best Print Ad

Total Voters: 291

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Charlie Awards 2014 – Best Public Appearance

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Charlie Awards

For those new to the site, at the beginning of every year we do a special kind of poll in which you Natalie fans can vote for the most memorable moments of the year just passed. 2014 was quite a challenge in this regard, but we’re going to do our best. The first category up for the vote is Best Public Appearance. Please click the thumbnails to take a good look at the gallery, before deciding on your favourite.

Best Public Appearance

Total Voters: 255

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New Poll + KoC Results

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It’s time for the first poll of 2015 and the subject was easy – Jane finally has her gun!

As for the Knight Of Cups trailer poll, more Natalie would have definitely been the key for you guys really going nuts for the thing. On the other end of the scale, 18% aren’t into the trailer at all. A number I expect to at least double when the film comes out. Malick is just not to everyone’s tastes.


Charlie Awards

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It’s almost that time of the year again, when we wistfully look back on the Natalie year and vote for our best and worst moments. Only this year is not full of wist. It’s going to be a real challenge to fill out the categories as it was surely a contender for the most quiet Natalie year on record.

Rachel and I have begun discussing the categories and nominations, but I wanted to open it up to you guys as well. If there’s a category, perhaps a bit unique or fun, that you think would be perfect for this bare bones year, let us know in the comments section below.

New Poll + Jobs Results

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It’s time for a new poll and the topic was never going to be anything but your opinion on the new Knight Of Cups trailer. It’s been a long time coming but was it worth the wait?

As for the last poll, I am still more optimistic than not about the Jobs film even with Natalie now dropping out. But most Natalie fans felt differently. It will be fun to see what happens in a year.


New Poll + Boyle Results

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With Natalie passing on Jobs and the film being sucked into the Sony leak scandal, I thought a very simple poll would be interesting.

As for the Danny Boyle poll, well it turned out to be all for nothing but here are the results if you were curious.


New Poll + V Results

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It’s time for a new poll and it could only be about the news of Natalie’s potential involvement in Jobs. The subject is that of the director, Danny Boyle.

As for the V For Vendetta poll, as much as it baffles me, there is no denying how beloved it is by most Natalie fans. A Cakewalk.


V Day

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Remember Remember the 5th of November. That’s what we’ll be doing with today’s new poll, which is focused on the much beloved V For Vendetta. Good luck skimming all the options, your brain might just cave in on itself.


Nice to see quite a close poll about the Thor 3 news, well, at least among the runner up answers.


New Poll + Results

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We’re well overdue for a new poll and with the big Thor 3 news landing yesterday, it was a no-brainer to make that the subject.

As for the previous poll, it seems over a third of Natalie’s fans can thank Leon for becoming fans in the first place.


New Poll + Leon Results

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Forgive me Natalie fans. You can probably count on one hand the number of times there haven’t been updates on two consecutive days…and that’s going back a decade and a half. The week just overwhelmed and I apologize profusely. It didn’t help that Natalie news was at an all time low this week, but we’re on the verge of something exciting. Hang in there.

Alright then, back on the horse I leap. Let’s start with poll results for a change, as it was no ordinary poll. Our Leon scene poll had a predictable winner, which I can’t disagree with. I was surprised with Leon’s choking on milk being so high, as well as the Russian roulette being so low. But I am absolutely shocked that Natalie’s confrontation with Oldman in the bathroom didn’t get more love – the scene is fire. Gotta love the “I’m sorry”.

Click the thumb below for a bigger version.


For the new poll I’m drawing from the Leon well again.

New Poll + Garden State Results

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As promised, here is the big best Leon The Professional scene/moment poll. A big thanks to all who left submissions – sorry if your favourite scene didn’t make it in. The poll doesn’t allow images, so I’ll try and be as descriptive as possible.

As for the Garden State poll, wow, VERY interesting results. Most loved the film then and love it now, which is no big surprise. What is interesting is that almost a 3rd of you like the film less now than you did when it came out. While almost nobody had the opposite experience.