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The last poll (see results below) showed that most Natalie fans are disappointed that Natalie seems unlikely to be part of Thor 3, at least in a significant way. Given that Thor 3 starts filming in June and Annihilation, the Alex Garland sci-fi flick, starts filming any week now, it is conceivable that Natalie could have only been in one of the films.

I’m not saying this is true but I wondered, if all the fans that are upset at Natalie not being in Thor 3 were told “it’s because of Annihilation”, would that change things? So below there is a simple poll – if you could only choose one, which film would you want Natalie to do?

As for those Thor 3 results, here they are.



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  • AnonymousMe says:

    I’ll note that Ms Portman did not join _Thor: The Dark World_ until after it had been filming for over two months. And that was after they had done the key on-location filming in Iceland using a body double for Foster. Portman still had a significant role. So the fact that _Annihilation_ begins principal photography shortly after _Thor: Ragnarok_ goes into production does not preclude her participating in both projects.

    I for one am not counting her out until I see an official source willing to go on record about the matter.

    • Rory Paul says:

      Exactly. Furthermore, Tessa Thompson is supposed to be in Thor 3 IN ADDITION to being in “Annihilation”. My point being that if Tessa is able to be in both movies, why can’t Natalie?