Thor: Ragnarok

Natalie On WSJ Cafe

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  Natalie made another media appearance, this time for the Wall Street Journal Cafe, to promote ATOLAD. By now you might feel like you've heard enough about that project, so…

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New Poll + Thor 3 Results

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  The last poll (see results below) showed that most Natalie fans are disappointed that Natalie seems unlikely to be part of Thor 3, at least in a significant way.…

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New Poll

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  It's been awhile since we did a non-Charlies poll so let's kick back into it by seeing how you guys are handling the news that Natalie is seemingly not…

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Tessa in, Natalie out for Ragnarok

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  Indirectly, the news that Tessa Thompson joins the cast of Thor Ragnarok could mean no return of Natalie in the franchise. According to Deadline, Thompson could play in the…

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Cate Blanchett added to Ragnarok

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  With all of these Avengers films slated for their upcoming releases, we are slowly learning more and more about the eventual third film in the Thor series Thor:Ragnarok. We've…

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  Thanks goodness Rachel is back because as my time is winding down in Berlin things have been hectic. But, I haven't a little free time now so let's jump…

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Thor: Ragnarok gets a Director

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  So Thor 3 is in the works, as the Marvel cinematic universe goes into its next phase slowly but surely. The second sequel, titled Thor: Ragnarok, is due to…

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