Thanks goodness Rachel is back because as my time is winding down in Berlin things have been hectic. But, I haven’t a little free time now so let’s jump into some mini news items.

– The big news from earlier in the week was that Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk would be making an appearance in the next Thor film, Ragnarok. Still no word yet on Natalie’s involvement but personally I would be amazed if she didn’t come back, even if it’s only a smaller supporting performance.

– But maybe they don’t even need Natalie to continue the story of Jane. Age of Ultron and Thor talking about her and this Ant-Man viral video has a Jane update in the news ticker.

– Finally, the IMDB is celebrating 25 years and have released their top 25 stars, based on user searches in that time. Johnny Depp is number one but Natalie, who shares the same birthday, is all the way in 4th spot.

Thanks to Belerofonte.