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By July 26, 2013Nat-news

Not gonna lie, I was really disheartened when hearing that Natalie wouldn’t be able to work with David Fincher on Gone Girl…but the (still uncomfirmed but looking likely) news, that Natalie would finally direct her first feature film, was just the tonic. A poster on the forum said that he hoped the film was going to be in English and not, as has been suggested, in Hebrew. I thought that would be a great poll option so…

Seems I’m not the only one upset that the Fincher film isn’t happening, if the results of our last poll are anything to go by.



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  • Josh says:

    I d like it in English so I can understand it and not read subtitles but my gut tells me it will be in Hebrew

  • Jack says:

    I would actually prefer it in Hebrew.

  • AMSSERME says:

    If it’s in Hebrew then only in Israel will it be shown,but in English there is a good chance it could be distributed worldwide and perhaps have a chance to be nominated during the Awards Season. True,foreign languages movies have won Oscars before but if Natalie wants to sell her talents as Director maybe an English spoken film would help her cause.After all who remembers Angelina Jolie as a director after In The Land Of Blood And Honey?

  • Adonis says:

    I also believe that there should be better in English … is the universal language

  • Belerofonte says:

    It is always the dichotomy of such cinematographic projects: If you want a worldwide distribution and a real chance of a success at the box office, shoot it in English is the obvious answer. However, in my opinion the film begs to be filmed in the native language of the original book. In addition, if as the articles suggest, Natalie will do the casting local actors, the film has all the ballots to be filmed in Hebrew.

    Personally, I do not care because In Spain we have three options: dubbed version (in most theaters), the original version in some cinemas and, of course, on DVD and Blu-ray, so we are used to the all the possibilities quite normally …

  • It should be in Hebrew for its authenticity. If you have a problem with subtitles, then fuck off you mensch. Oy, these people.