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A Tale Of Love And Darkness

Natalie couldn’t make a deal for Fincher’s Gone Girl, due to a scheduling conflict. The question was then, what could Natalie have lined up? Something new? A recent linked project? Or something from way back…well way back it is, as Natalie’s directorial feature debut is finally imminent.

First announced back in 2007, I was beginning to wonder if she would ever find time for it. But based on the report, it looks as though Natalie had been working on perfecting the screenplay, an adaptation of bestselling memoir of Amos Oz, with two screenplay writers. Apparently Oz is happy with the script and now Natalie will be “landing in Israel in September” to, presumably, do pre-production work.

Now grab some salt because this source is obviously not the typical breaker of Hollywood news, but it seems pretty concrete so maybe they’ve landed the big scoop.

There is also confirmation that Natalie will star, although no word yet if the language will be English or Hebrew.

Big thanks to Kitten.