Natalie Attends Dior Exhibition Opening in China

By April 29, 2015Featured-news, Nat-news

Natalie was in attendance at the opening of a Miss Dior exhibition in Beijing earlier today, marking her first public appearance in over a month. We’ve added a handful of photos of Natalie at the event to the gallery, with hopefully more to come.



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  • Nina says:

    Natalie’s face looks weird. Let’s hope it’s the bad makeup and not surgery or Botox.

    • achtung_natalie says:

      Yeah I agree. But its probably the make up like you said.

      Nat is so cool and down to earth (<- hate this expression), I doubt she'll ever do something to her face.

  • Kitten says:

    I know I will probably get shot down for this, or as usual am way of base…but as soon as I saw the pics I thought she might be pregnant again,but as I was wrong last time, I brushed it off. but… there are close ups of her face where her face looks a lot fuller and puffier than a few weeks ago, in Berlin her face looked a lot slimmer and angled, and now her face is definitely a lot fuller, and every site that has the pictures from today people have been making comments on them, saying they think she is pregnant or like Nina said had botox or something. Also from other pictures I have seen of the event she is drinking water not the wine that is laid out for all the guests Nothing conclusive I know so could be something or like last time I am way of base

  • kazuya says:

    very very very beautiful!

  • Steve says:

    We need more ‘casual’ Natalie outings. All we are getting is formal appearances lately.

  • stanley krise says:

    eyes are amazing! I so hope I get chance to act with her. I wish her luck on her travels!

  • stanley krise says:

    So beautiful! I wish her luck in her travels! ; – ) I so hope I get a chance to act with her some day!

  • ev says:

    I think she’s pregnant…

  • Kitten says:

    I thought she was too when I first saw the pics, but she looks too skinny at the UCLA event

    • ev says:

      lots of women lose weight the first trimester, I feel there’s a little bump she’s trying to hide. and if you see that interview she looks very tired and sick… who knows… ? (I’m pregnant so maybe I’m just seeing pregnant women everywhere 😉 )