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Happy Birthday/Valentines Day

It is Valentines Day. It’s also our 13th birthday. I think given those two facts the site is probably now old enough to slip a valentines day card under the door of a nearby Ryan Gosling site. And then, when we hear nothing back, we can cry ourselves to sleep watching Twilight.

If that’s all sounding depressing, BAM, have a V-day wallpaper from Ana.

14Natalie (1)th

On the birthday front I just want to send out some inappropriate hugs for my right hand, Rachel, and my left hand, Kris. And my penis, Sanjiro. But most of all, thank you guys, especially those of you who contribute so much. You guys are amazing and it’s always massively appreciated.

As a final say of thanks, there are two more wallpapers for you guys after the jump.

14Natalie (2)th

14Natalie (3)th