Jackie Update

I finally got confirmation from my source regarding Jackie. Deadline Hollywood are normally on the money and their report was once again accurate. She is the first choice for the studio but won’t commit to anything until a director is on board. Even then scheduling may be an issue.

Speaking of which, that’s a boring update but I got another little slither of disappointing Natalie news. Wes Anderson is casting his new film, The Grand Buddapest Hotel, and my source believes that Wes wanted Natalie for a role, but Natalie couldn’t do it because she wasn’t available.

Would have LOVED to see her back in a hotel for Wes, their collaboration in Hotel Chevalier is still one of my favourite Natalie films and performances. So that’s disappointing, but I’m choosing to look on the bright side. The fact that Wes wanted to work with Natalie again means the door is open for another collaboration down the line.