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Is Natalie Expecting?

Yeeeah, so we’ve been trying to dance around this as much as possible. Waiting for some kind of official confirmation, but it hasn’t been forthcoming (in fact a Jewish paper claimed the couple said they were not expecting another child) and I can’t post this new (actually from a month ago) photo without stating the blindingly obvious – Aleph has a brother or sister on the way. I like to be very cautious with posts like this but this photo combined with the photo from the other day is pretty undeniable.

Congratulations to Natalie and Benjamin. And Aleph 🙂

UPDATE – Just to confirm, this is purely what my eyes are telling me and as such is not anything like an official announcement. I just don’t know what else to say but “well that’s a pregnant lady right there”. Natalie and Ben are keeping it on the down low and good for them, it’s working well. Hell, they should never announce it. It’s not like they owe that information to the public.


Big thanks to Kitten for the find.