People & US Weekly “Confirmations”

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  The last hours, the rumor of Natalie pregnancy has shaken the gossip press. Among all the media, People Magazine and US Weekly claim to have confirmation about it:…

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Planetarium Red Carpet

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  DAZZA update - I am editing Belero's post to make it a bit more objectively accurate. I think he's probably right but let's wait for the real confirmation :-)…

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Pregnancy rumors… again

  Gossip tabloid Star Magazine published some photos yesterday speculating about a possible pregnancy. Some of them are very compelling ... but as always in these cases, until there is…

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Is Natalie Expecting?

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  Yeeeah, so we've been trying to dance around this as much as possible. Waiting for some kind of official confirmation, but it hasn't been forthcoming (in fact a Jewish…

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