KoC for Cannes?

Not sure how legitimate this is but screw it, I’ll post anything to do with Natalie’s upcoming films at this point. This Italian Ryan Gosling site claims (check the comments below the post) that a source has told him/her that director Terrence Malick has submitted Knight Of Cups (the one starring Christian Bale that was shot in Hollywood) for selection to the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. If true, the film will be there that’s for sure. That wouldn’t necessarily mean another Natalie appearance at the famous festival but given she has her own film in the works I’m sure that would be an extra incentive to make the trip.

Either way, would just love to read some reviews and see some promotional material for the film, so my fingers are tightly crossed. We’ll find out in a couple weeks.

Thanks to A.



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  1. 2 years ago by A.

    I’m skeptical. She has access to informations only insiders can know, so it’s suspiscious. But I can’t imagine she made that up. Why would she do that? Gosling is not even in KOC.
    Or her source isn’t reliable… The wait will be long until april 17th. I hope there will be a confirmation before that day.


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