Not much going on right now but We Day is on the way and you’d think Jane Got A Gun promo will begin at some point in the near future. Quite a bare set of tidbits for you guys today but I’ll post a special pic battle poll later on to try and make up for it.

– The Cannes Film Festival is just around the corner and The Playlist is predicting the films that could make an appearance. The two Terrence Malick films get a mention under “longshot”.

Many are hoping that Terence Malick’s “Knight Of Cups” (or its untitled companion piece) and Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Inherent Vice” will be viable, but that mostly seems like wishful thinking: who knows when the Malick picture(s) will be ready, or if he’ll be back at Cannes…

While Jane Got A Gun is considered more likely as they say it “might turn up” and is listed in the “Also Possible” section.

– Our Facebook page has cracked 13k likes. This year, despite the light Natalie news, the FB likes have continued to roll in at an incredible pace. An early Portmania miracle perhaps.

– Finally, in case you missed the memo, MrsKiraSayers is updating our Tumblr page. In the coming days she’ll start dipping deep into the Natalie photo archives to bring your attention to some photographical gems from the past.