If you were wondering how long Natalie would be off from work, after the birth of Amalia, the answer might be “not too bloody long.”

According to Deadline, Natalie is in talks to star in All the Money in the World. Ridley Scott will be directing the Blacklist script about the true story of John Paul Getty III’s kidnapping.

Read more about the plot and other casting news over at Deadline.

Production is set for May.



One Response to Natalie to Star in Getty Drama?

  1. 2 weeks ago by Sergio

    I hope she takes the role. Ridley Scott is one of my favorite directors and the story is quite interesting. I was hoping he would cast her for a part on Alien Covenant or any of the new Alien movies( I read that he will probably do 3 more). He was initially interested in casting her for the lead part in Prometheus…


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