The Counselor

A couple days ago Maribel sent a Slashfilm link about Angelina Jolie potentially joining Ridley Scott’s upcoming The Counselor. In the article they still mention that Natalie is in talks for the role of Michael Fassbender’s wife…a role many women would be happy to take, for sure.

Then I got an email from Jack, who heard producer Nick Wechsler say that he was producing The Counselor and that he was looking forward to working with Ridely, Fassbender and Natalie.

I find it a bit strange to contradict the producer of the film (assuming Jack was being truthful) but, that’s exactly what I have to do. I checked with my source again and Natalie is absolutely not in talks for The Counselor.

Either way it shouldn’t be long until there’s definitive confirmation. Stay tuned.