It’s time for the final of our Dior Magazine pic battle. The cover image strolled to a huge 72% victory in the semi final, meaning we still haven’t really had a close matchup thus far. Maybe the final will finally deliver a more even contest.

1IerreoLtt VS cXasTXOXth



7 Responses to Mini Pic Battle Final

  1. 12 months ago by Lee Bartholomew

    last set of the last round about as close as you’ll get a good battle. (the original round)

  2. 12 months ago by Adonis

    I had first thought Natalie is back in Los Angeles ‘Venice’? But no, she is in beautiful

  3. 12 months ago by Adonis

    Cédric, fully agree with you

  4. 12 months ago by a fan in France

    Yes Adonis, she is now in one of the most beautiful place of the world : Venise :)

  5. 12 months ago by jesslv74

    Difficult because i don’t really care for either one, so it’s like choosing the lesser of the two evils.


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