Stuttering playback makes it frustrating but Belerofonte has found a video clip of Francesco Vizzoli’s live art reading, Right You Are. If that doesn’t ring a bell – Natalie with a moustache. Remember now? In any case, there’s not too much Natalie in this but it’s almost worth it just to see Ellen Burstyn acting her ass off.

And here is a little write up of the event and what sounds like a pretty amazing ending for Cate Blanchett.



4 Responses to The Moustache Moves

  1. 11 months ago by Kitten

    Guys, I have found the first act on Vimeo, Natalie is right at the start of the video!


  2. 11 months ago by Kitten

    Actually it seems it is the whole lot, and Natalie gets the first and last words in the play

    and a new(?) pic

  3. 11 months ago by Kitten

    the first video is provate, I re uploaded it


  4. 11 months ago by Dazza

    You rock!


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