We’ve been hearing for the last couple of months that Natalie is in Israel doing pre-production for A Tale of Love and Darkness, but now we finally have some visual confirmation. Natalie was spotted having dinner with Benjamin and Aleph in Tel Aviv today. Please note that while Aleph isn’t pictured in any of the photos, Natalie and Benjamin look harassed by the paparazzi. Though I have a feeling that—at least based on the discussion over at the forum—that’s probably not what people are going to be commenting on…


Thanks to Kitten for the find.



32 Responses to Natalie Sighting in Tel Aviv

  1. 1 year ago by Josh

    The Paparazzi are such vultures!

  2. 1 year ago by Cullenj

    Yeah she looks pregnant.

  3. 1 year ago by rryq

    Natalie’s having another baby,can’t believe it!

  4. 1 year ago by natness

    Seriously, does anyone take pleasure in seeing Natalie harassed, annoyed and unhappy? Who, who are paparazzi photos taken for? Who pays for this and why? Sick.

    • 1 year ago by Dazza

      Just waking up to society’s obsession with celebrity?

  5. 1 year ago by Ming chop

    She’s not pregnant. That’s the way she always looks-distended in the stomach area.

    • 1 year ago by omgzrachel

      That’s what I was thinking, Ming. Probably just a food baby.

  6. 1 year ago by Dazza

    We get about half a dozen “she’s pregnant” rumours a year based on photos that look convincing but prove to just be the clothing or a particular angle. Up till now only one proved correct, so I wouldn’t get too worked up just yet.

    It’s worth a mention though.

  7. 1 year ago by Karl Mann

    I’m a little surprised with as many Natalie followers there are here, that this website has such a hard time finding and confirming their whereabouts. It’s actually real simple, if you want to know where they are most of the time… follow Benjamin on Instagram and twitter, he posts photos regularly that tell the tale. LOL.

    • 1 year ago by Dazza

      a) We do follow Benjamin and have mentioned his Instagram on the site before in reference to where Natalie might be.
      b) Just because Benjamin is somewhere does not necessarily mean Natalie is there as well.
      c) We don’t feel the need to post inclinations of where Natalie is for no reason. If there is something on the news be it a sighting or an article, then we might include it on the site.
      d) Rachel’s update does not suggest that Natalie was not in Israel. It suggests she was but now we finally have visual confirmation.

  8. 1 year ago by a fan in France

    It could be fantastic if Natalie would be pregnant again. But it’s necessary to be careful with this kind of rumour

  9. 1 year ago by starprincess66

    I really hope she’s pregnant again!!! I would love it if she had many children!!

    • 1 year ago by Lee Bartholomew

      well for her son true. I can’t imagine being an only child. Very lonely :( but heard back in November Drew Barrymore was pregnant again and nothing came of that. and Drew has been teased since before time she was the F word :(

  10. 1 year ago by Nina

    If Natalie is pregnant I’m happy for her but I was hoping that she would be making more movies and taking on more interesting roles now that her son is a bit older. This makes me anticipate Jane Got a Gun more if it will be the last lead role we’ll see her in for some time.

  11. 1 year ago by Juan234

    pregnant. she’s hiding her stomach with her bag on purpose. even in the car.

    these paparazzi suck though. this probably interrupted their meal.

    • 1 year ago by Dazza

      Now look, you may be right but I think this is an example of people looking too much into things. You can find her carrying her bag like that through dozens of galleries through the years. There is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary with the bag placement.

  12. 1 year ago by Juan234

    I don’t remember seeing this candid before @ Dolores Park, San Francisco:


    Back of Aleph’s head visible…

  13. 1 year ago by Garcy

    That’s a rather large food baby.

  14. 1 year ago by natness

    Not JUST waking up. Still, the question remains.

  15. 1 year ago by jesslv74

    I was an only child too and Dazza is right, it wasn’t too bad.

  16. 1 year ago by jesslv74

    Haha was…I’m still and only child.

  17. 1 year ago by Boshudi

    Natalie is really leaving her mark!

  18. 1 year ago by KateOrta

    Well, given Natalie´s sence of responsibility I doubt she would plan producion of the film, which she not only plans to star in, but also direct, if she was planning to get pregnant again. Film production, in which you are playing such a vital roles as director, producer and lead actress would for sure be very challenging and demanding. And I suppose that someone like Natalie in her age and her intellingence would not get pregnant by accident.

  19. 1 year ago by NPyall

    From that picture I would say she’s pregnant. She’s worn thicker sweater’s recently and that is larger bump. She’s stated before that she wishes she wasn’t the only child to share stories with etc. Now that Thor and her other films are done it’s time.. Shes pregnant. GL NAT!

  20. 1 year ago by starprincess66

    I agree with Garcy. That IS a rather large food baby. Yes, it COULD be a food baby, but just looks like a much bigger bump, being that we can see it quite clearly while she is wearing a BAGGY sweater… hmmmm…..

  21. 1 year ago by jesslv74

    Oh and Drew Barrymore is VERY pregnant. Did anyone else see her on the Golden Globes?

  22. 1 year ago by yuki sugi

    I agree with kate orta.

  23. 1 year ago by starprincess66

    jesslv74, yes i saw drew at the golden globes. she’s definitely pregnant!

  24. 1 year ago by Lights Camera Reaction

    As if this article has 30 replies haha. People are reading way too much into this, haha.

  25. 1 year ago by a fan in France

    starprincess66, do you have any photos ?
    Thank you in advance


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