There is a big nat fan called Floothe who recently had heart surgery. He should be home soon, if not already, and if he is, this one’s for you Floothey.



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Hey all

That’s right, Natalie has shot another Lux commercial (apparently when she was filming Ep3) and it’s now up on the japanese Lux site but you can download it from NP.com as well. The ad has Natalie winning some award and it’s pretty funny. Next time how about we actually see Natalie using the shampoo…in a shower…mmmm.

A big thanks to Rei for sending that in.


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Well, it was yesterday but I forgot. Cry me a river.

Natalie, get up off your ass (or Gael’s lap) and give the guy a call RIGHT NOW YOUNG LADY!


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Go you good thing!

Hey all

Caleb forgot to do a Leon banner for the site but when I pointed this out he was only too happy to whip a couple up. And he threw in a BG wallpaper as well. The banners will only be added to rotation next week when Kris gets back from Brussels. Here’s a preview…

Leon 1
Leon 2

The Cold Mountain trailer has hit but I’ve got no comment until I can get my hands on the QT version. But if you can’t wait, check it out over here and head on over to the new poll to have your say.

Oh, and Natalie is NOT in it.

Fanart is scarce these days but here’s a nice drawing sent in by Miguel.

And finally, Porsche found this page with some spiritual crap about Natalie. Saddam Hussein is a birth mate of Natalie? Riiight.



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I guess the big news is a new Cold Mountain review. It’s mildly positive about the movie but this line was enough to make me happy.

There were also great cameos from Jenna Malone, Eileen Atkins (SO good), and my favorite, Natalie Portman, showing she can act for once and not just wear stupid Star Wars costumes.

Shelley found this Nat sighting from this site. Take it with a big pinch of salt.

The other day (9/30) Natalie Portman sat three rows behind me at a performance of Omnium Gatherum (bad play). She sat in the last row of people in the balcony with her cute hipsterish boyfriend. She wasn’t wearing any makeup and the two of them were very touchy.

And just a clarification, Flipp meant that the crappy preview of the Cold Mountain trailer did not have Nat. I’m sure all the stars will get at least a frame or two in the full trailer.

Cheers for now.


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site news: saturday’s update was translated into spanish. do not trifle with robotinez, his robotical powers are limitless. the language boo-boo is being remedied right now but for those of you dying to know what robotinez was saying over the weekend: “natalie’s dad has wery wery bad posture.”

not that any of you were able to read the site over the weekend any way. np.com apologizes for the inconvenience… but we do not regret it, you freeloading sons of bitches! DONATE SOME CASH AND KEEP HAL AFLOAT.

Natalie-centric news:

If HAL had been up this weekend, we could have relayed Steven’s choice info about Natalie withdrawing from her Vanity Fair party duties with Chloe Sevigny. the biggest of ups to her for sandy koufax-ing it. Chloe’s new co-host of the event was “the very pimp-grand” Mya.

Kathleen sent us a link for the Cold Mountain trailer. I haven’t watched it but a birdy described it as “crappy.” i assume he meant crappy quality. the official release date of the trailer is supposed to be Thursday. but you don’t have to worry, preciouses… Natalie’s not in it. 🙁

Starwars.com gives us another behind-the-scenes look at Episode II.

aaaand, Delilah brought this blurb to our attention (from US Weekly VIP scene column):

“A solo Natalie Portman browsing the ABC Carpet & Home furniture store a few days after dancing with Denzel Washington at model Amy Wesson’s birthday party at Hue in New York City.”

i want more on this story. “solo Natalie Portman”, “furniture store”, “dancing”, “Amy Wesson”: it reads like a JK Rowling cuecard for the book of my dreams.

in not-quite-natalie news:

robtheskill reads alizee fanfic. laff. why, rob, why? the only thing worse than a fanfic reader is a fanfic writer…. but then i’ve written fanfic about the NPMB… 😐 apparently this one mentions Natalie. click at your own peril.

Melody noticed a little Natbit from Empire’s review of Matchstick Men.

since steve was the only one to e-mail me anything (i got the rest of today’s update from DAZZA!), i’m gonna plug his (former) ska band, the BPs. THEY ARE THE BEST SKA BAND NAMED THE BPs (this may not be true). one of their songs mentions Padme… i tried to listen for it but i have a really short attention span. you’ll just have to take steve’s word for it. GOD BLESS YOU STEVE.

and (grudgingly), here’s a link to Jewsweek’s profile on the loverly Liane Balaban. “The Next Natalie Portman”, my ass. “THE ONLY LIANE BALABAN” IS MORE LIKE IT. DAZZA wants you all to see New Waterford Girl now so you can rave over her Nat-alike-ness. I don’t (unless you want to rave over Liane’s Liane-ness.) Liane has her own look and any discerning viewer can tell that Liane is the greatest Liane evar, not Natalie 2.0 *cough-keira knightley-cough*. /me nods sagely at alex and bob.

liane liane liane.


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Un rapidín..

Ok, this update was mistakenly translated into Spanish so I’m just englishifying it again. I dunno wth I said but basically, new nat pics of her waiting for a cab with her dad. And they’re cute. As hell.

Click away.


Thanks to Melody Nelson.


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Short and sweet.

Here it is.

Have a good weekend.


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that’s right, ladies and gentlemen. the chef of Cold Mountain has something to share with us all.

an interview with the chef that worked on cold mountain and he says…. natalie portman is adorable. who knew?!?!

well if you didn’t, you do now thanks to spanky the chef.

before we go any further! there’s a new poll….BUT FIRST. the rusults of our last poll were:

Question: Natalie’s Kids for Kids Carnival dress was…

1 230 votes
Ok, but not very memorable. 39.66%

5 117 votes
Like a nurse outfit, and that’s a good thing. 20.17%

2 90 votes
Beautiful. 15.52%

4 89 votes
Like a nurse outfit, and that’s a bad thing. 15.34%

3 51 votes
Terrible. 8.79%

the new poll is here and it may very well be the toughest choice of all time. do not vote lightly, my friends.

now if you can read spanish you can click
here. but if you can’t i’ll summerize:

That link is from “lo mejor de natalie portman” it’s about a visit natalie and Gael made to a resturant in mexico. there’s a picture of the place and an interview with the owner…! translations should be coming soon.

in other newses. the aussie FHM has made natalie #97 out of the 100 sexiest women. 97?!?! who the hell are they kidding? i bet those stupid fish-faced olsen twins were #50 or something. oh my god they’re insane.

here’s the scan thanks to Pogi.

more keira/natalie comparisons at theForce.net.

and if you like that you’ll love this:
Natalie and Everybody thanks again to NataliePortman-ES

oh here’s something uninteresting as hell. why this guy isn’t dating natalie portman and then he starts talking about sports. oi!

and so now. fan art from kyle: and he uses the best nat pic


and i’m done. that’s all the news that you can read. the rest is too important to show you. you must be protected at all costs.


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site stuff


The staff page has been updated with a few changes. Unfortunately I’ve decided to remove JC but if he ever shows up again he’s more than welcome back. I’ve replaced him with Flipp, who did his first update last week and shocked the world with his potty mouth 😉

Interesting point on Flipp, he was one of the original people (with Sanji, Nerf and myself) who planned to resurrect np.com. In fact I’d even say Flipp would have called the shots but then he did a disappearing act and I was left holding my…err…mouse. Sanji starts freaking out as soon as he has even a smidge of responsibility, Nerf only wanted to do the design, which left yours truly. Anyway, it’s good to have him “back”.

I also decided to update my boring picture to something…err…heh. Well it’s less boring, let’s leave it at that.

We’ve also added 2 more emails to the From the Inbox.

And just the one piece of Nat news today, courtesy of np.de.

The opera “La Juive” (“The Jewess”) was banned by Adolf Hitler in 1933, and last performed in the United States two years later. One of Enrico Caruso’s favorites, the 19th-century work by French composer Jacques Halevy – about a Jewish woman who is boiled in oil for refusing to convert to Christianity – gets revived Nov. 6 at the Metropolitan Opera before an audience studded with such names as Natalie Portman, Cal Ripkin Jr., Blaine Trump, Matthew Modine, Lauren Bacall, Walter Cronkite and Arthur Miller. The opera figures prominently in “Finding Eleazar: Portrait of a Tenor and a Role,” the documentary by PaulaHeil Fisher executive-produced by Wall Street scion Jack Lehman. Subsequentproductions are planned in London, Paris, Berlin and Zurich.


Cheers for now.


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Hey all

Sorry for the outage again this weekend but really, until Pher can get that server this is something that can always happen on weekends cos Pher isn’t around to fix the problem. So no complaints, cos it’s your fault!

As you’ve probably noticed, Caleb’s new banner’s have joined the winning one and the feedback I’ve gotten so far has been very positive so congrats to Caleb and congrats to you all for voting him as the winner.

Stumbled across a nice and positive Professional Superbit review over here.

Baby Blue found some new pics.
Here’s Natalie with Hootie from Hootie and the Blowfish.
A small pic of Natalie on her cellphone, with the most annoying watermark ever.

Azur was kind enough to send in a scan from the Danish magazine M. They had a top 100 beautiful woman article and Natalie placed 58, down 32 places from the previous year. Here is the scan and this is what they said:

Natalie Portman

The star warrior

Last year rank: 26

If you are dirty minded, you dreamt about a 13 years old Natalie Portman, at the time she acted Mathilda in Luc Besson’s action-drama, Leon. Fortunately the fantasies became legal when Portman played Padme Amidala, five years later in Star Wars I. The next one made Natalie a sex symbol.

Bonus: she is very fond of milk.

And finally, I don’t often print letters but I agree with this one so much that I just had to. Take it away Josh:

Hey Dazza, I was wondering if any information has been released regarding who would produce or direct Natalie’s upcoming film, Closer. I have a mind to write the filmmakers and beg on the behalf of the project that they do not cast Julia Roberts in the film who’s larger than life star quality would betray Patrick Marber’s scaled down script. Hopefully by recognizing that this is Natalie’s chance to resurrect a waning career, many of the fans that frequent your site would lend their support to making this the best film it could possibly be. Having read the play myself, I’d have to admit that Naomi Watts would be a perfect replacement for Cate Blanchett and once Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s (of Amores Perros fame) 21 Grams comes out she will be in league with actress like Cate anyway.

Marry me, Josh!

Ok, it’s been a busy day so I’m gonna call it a night but I’ll have some more stuff for you tomorrow.


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Hey all

Jeff Wells’ new column has some Cold Mountain news, which you might be interested in.

I wrote COLD MOUNTAIN producer Sydney Pollack on Tuesday to learn about (a) how his film was faring in research screenings and (b) what running time his and Anthony Mingella’s Civil War romance might have when it reaches theatres in December. Here’s what he wrote back:

“I don’t know what the ‘buzz’ is but here are the absolute facts:

“1. Our first preview was on July 21st in Englewood, New Jersey. The film ran 2 hrs and 55 minutes. The preview scores were the highest I’ve ever seen. That includes any of the 23 films I’ve produced or the 18 films I’ve directed. The theater was full and there were no walkouts.

“2. The second preview was on August 20th, also in Englewood, New Jersey. The film ran 2 hours and 49 minutes. The scores were absolutely identical. There were no walkouts.

“3. The third preview was on August 27th in Charleston, S.C. where we filmed part of the picture. It was the same print as the last preview and the scores were again within a point or two of the previous screenings.

“I’ve just been in London where we’ve made another pass through the film and found both improvements and places to take time out. No one — not Anthony or myself — is resisting looking for places to trim. But the driving goal here is get the film into the best shape possible at whatever time it takes for the film to tell itself. Anthony is continuing work on the film and we have another preview coming up soon.

“Judging purely by audience reaction to the three previews — I haven’t seen or heard anything but what’s positive. I admit to being too close to the film to be objective, but I’ve watched these audiences sit, with rapt attention, through every frame — and fill out the cards in the ‘excellent’ and ‘very good’ boxes. Needless to say I/we at Mirage have been through reactions that scored half as well, including those for THE QUIET AMERICAN. I’m trying to keep this to facts only and avoid offering an opinion, which you would find justifiably suspect. It’s never going to be a film of two hours.”

Sounds promising.

More later this weekend. Oh, and happy Jewish New Year.


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hello all, i’m FliPP. i’ve been an off-and-on member of np.com for a long time and with JC’s death i mean, “departure” *eyes DAZZA suspiciously*, i’ve been godfatherIII-ized. you can e-mail me wif n00s and the like (i especially like Natalie news that really has nothing to do with Natalie) but unless you’re Mikoyan Foxhound, NO WALLPAPERS PLEASE. do you want to know my interests and aspirations? of course you don’t. so, on to the news.

Steven sent us this bit from “Thirty-fourth Street Magazine, the Arts and Entertainment Weekly from The Daily Pennsylvanian.” (… note to T-FSM,TAAEWFTDP: choose a shorter name.) Their live theatre writer drops Her name in a preview of the show “What I Like About Jew.”

The WB is airing a new show (of course it’s new — they all get canceled in six months) starring Jennie Garth and Amanda Bynes, called What I Like About You. As much as I’d like the show at Doc Watson’s Pub to be a Jewish spin-off starring Natalie Portman and Winona Ryder (yes, even Winona is Jewish), I don’t think my wildest fantasy will come true. Nonetheless, this night of four hilarious and satirical songwriters is sure to tickle your fancy. Just cross your fingers and hope that Queen Amidala attends.

The latest editorial has been updated with some of your “Most Memorable Moment” feedback. Am i allowed give you feedback on your feedback? it’s only fair.

Praise Google: vcarolan found this neat site about crappy celebrity tippers. Scroll down a bit and you can read some old-ish rumours about her romantic life at Harvard. Sadly, that’s not the only credit Natalie has at Bitter Waitress. !!! I must question this listing tho. I bet She didn’t even pick up that cheque. It was a party of two… mebbe She was out with the dude from the other link, “young Web Developer from Texas.” that cheap fuck.

there’s a new np.comic strip up. Could this be any more topical? …

complementing the comic, thanks to Ekyillia for finding these new pics of Natalie at the Kids for Kids Karnival (KKK, for short):

natalie wanting to swear
wanting to swear some more
i disagree wif DAZZA. i likes the dress. the hat, my friend? she’s-a gotta go
omg. kill it!


ew. i’m gonna take a shower now.


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Hey all

As you’re probably noticed by now, we’ve gone and put up Caleb’s winning banner. I think it looks cool and it got my vote, so I’m happy. As previously mentioned, a few more similar banners will be added for rotation but Caleb is just putting the final touches on them.

For the record, Caleb’s banner got 305 votes while 204 people wanted to stick with the old look.

Ever think about what your favourite Natalie scene/moment is? Well I do and that’s what our new editorial is about. As always, you’re encouraged to mail in your own opinion, which might be featured on the site.

And the final piece of site news is that we have a NEW POLL up.

Not much in the way of nat news but let’s see what there is.

Remember the news of Nat and Gael in Spain? Well I don’t think we ever posted the actual news article, till now. Dsd sent it in and Robotinez translated it:

?kisses and cuddles?

Mexican actor Gael García Bernal (?El Crimen del Padre Amaro?) and American actress Natalie Portman, who plays Queen Amidala in Star Wars, shared last Sunday kisses and cuddles at the terrace of a Mexican restaurant at the La Latina neighborhood in Madrid. The lead actor of ?Y tu mama tambien?, who is currently shooting in Spain under the orders of Pedro Almodovar the film ?La Mala Educación?, and the actress sat down with actor Jordi Moyá, who has been working for a couple of months in the United States, and his companion. After a cheerful conversation in English, Moyá left the restaurant, leaving the couple to themselves. ?Elisa Silió Madrid.

And finally, Dana found this site that posted top 50 film beauties survey. Natalie placed a respectable 22nd, which is coincidentally my fav number.

Ciao for now.


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worst. news. ever.

Kathleen found this article that seems to indicate that Cate’s role in Closer might be taken by *shudder* Julia Roberts.

Julia Roberts looks set to sign up for the celluloid version of smash hit play Closer. The lanky smiler will step into the shoes of Cate Blanchett who had to pull out of the gig following last week’s surprise news that she is pregnant. If she signs up she will star alongside Jude Law, Natalie Portman and Clive Owen. Patrick Marber who wrote the original play is adapting it for the big screen.

Closer looks at the tensions between two couples following an affair, and given her colourful love life Roberts shouldn’t find the proceedings too problematic. Now happily married to camerman Danny Moder her list of exes reads like a who’s who of Hollywood. Keifer Sutherland was jilted by the toothsome one on the eve of their intended wedding, Lyle Lovett got her up the aisle only to watch their marriage crumble in 21 months and Benjamin Bratt was discarded days after she won her first Oscar. We just can’t wait for the on-set gossip from Closer – particularly given she’ll be working with Jude.



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Weekend hangover

Hey all

If you have been here long enough to remember JC, you’d recall that he did most of the updates. This was partly due to him being several hours ahead of me on timezones, partly due to his work ethic and mostly due to people sending all the news his way because I like to sorta get to know my news awhile before updating. Wine it, dine it, six…errr…yeah.

But I digress, the point in all this is JC USED TO DO MOST OF THE UPDATES. So jump forward to today. I’m pretty worn out. And Sanji…Sanji feels that anything more than 1 update a month is overworking him. So sometime this week I’ll be announcing a new updater. They won’t update very often but it’ll just give me a little bit of breathing space. Someone to throw the ball to when I’m in a pissy mood.

Speaking of which, I should also mention that Raziel is now helping out the German site and a new french staff member will soon be added. The more the merrier.

But enough about that, let’s talk Nat.

A bunch of new pics have been added to the Kids Carnival gallery. The dress is crap but Nat is always great so check. It. Out.

2MuchTime has sent in some video clips. I haven’t got them yet so I can’t really add much in the way of commentary, well I could but it wouldn’t make a lot of sense. It’d be all like “And there’s Natalie, and she throws something and people rejoice” while the clip would actually be Natalie playing marbles or something. You get the point. Now get the clips…

Interview during the royal London premiere of Episode I.
(DivX, 7 Mb, 1:27 mins)

A bunch of stuff from “The Saga of Star Wars” documentary: Clip 1
(DivX, 910 kB, 0:14 mins)

Clip 2
(DivX, 2 MB, 0:28 mins)

Clip 3
(DivX, 2 MB, 0:22 mins)

Clip 4
(DivX, 950 kB, 0:17 mins)

Clip 5
(DivX, 2,7 MB, 0:25 mins)

Alethon sent in this…

i consider myself the number one fan of Alexis Bledel (if there is anyone willing to fight my place i’m willing to kill!) i go to the extremes to get every magazine and article about her. a website ( http://www.sparkleteddy.com/alexis ) posted that she appeared on the october/november 2003 issue of teenvogue. thanks to my 16 year old niece i was able to get it, alexis is on page 151 and 34. Anyways i got bored a little bit and started turning the pages and on page 70 i found something really funny! i saw natalie portman and a mexican actor gael garcia bernal embracing each other!. she looks really cute with a striped pink shirt and brown shorts. the page is called talking fashion:trendspotting it shows other couples like mila kunis and macaulay culkin. she also appears on page 96. you should get it is nice, a little advice try to make a teen age girl buy it for you, it is less embarrasing.

Ok, no real big news (the pic is surely the one we already have) but any oppertunity to mention Alexis, I’m gonna take. The girl is amazing. Amazing I say!

Moving on…

Jim has a band. The band have a website. The band have a song. The song is called “why won’t you be my girl”. The song is about Natalie.

No fanart today except to check out this site, it has a number of cool wallpapers, some of which we have but some new ones as well.

Aaaand, that’s a wrap.


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Kids Carnival pics

Hey all

What a crazy weekend it’s been. I haven’t even had a chance to get to my normal update stuff.

Anyway, Nat did attend that Kids carnival and we’ve setup a gallery for pics from the event. At the moment there are just 3 big pics but more will be added shortly.

And on another note, Flipp found a great article on Nat’s apparent squeeze, Gael Garcia Bernal. There is a little mention that further strengthens the rumour (well, it’s more fact than rumour now). Speaking of the oscar night…

For Bernal, the night was euphoric. “It was the first time I acted with common sense. Real common sense.” The rebel, then, had found a cause. Actors he respected “Hollywood’s left-wingers” took him as one of their own. “People like Adrien Brody and Susan Sarandon, they were very kind.” It was also the night he met his girlfriend. “For many reasons that night was perfect.”

The full article can be read over here, and I highly recommend it. The guy is a class act.

More tomorrow…


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Update number 2…

Ok, so we’ve setup a gallery for the pics from earlier today (altho it wasn’t easy with Kris and Mart, the technical guys, AWOL…but Melody and I persevered) although we still don’t have any bigger versions. There are more tiny pics tho.

And now we have another gallery up, from the Zac Posen Spring Collection show, at the very same fashion week. Natalie was a special guest and sat in the front row. The pics in this gallery are bigger but there are some unsightly watermarks.

And then we have a new pic of Natalie with her parents at the New York Philharmonic Opening Night post concert dinner (sept 17)…whew, quite a mouthful. Thanks to Mike.

Rouge and Orionsaint also sent in a link to the new image attack.

And finally, on the IMDB, Large’s Ark’s name has been changed to Garden State…hmmm…thanks to Tufkad.

And that’s just the important stuff, probably more updates all through the weekend.


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mercedes and banners

Hey all

Just a quickie since it’s the morning here and I’m still half asleep.

Minerva found these new pics of Natalie at the Mercedes Fashion Week in NY. Now we just need to find some big versions…

And the poll is now over. Here are the results:

Banner #5 by Caleb 30.53% (207 votes)

Stick with the current banner. 22.57% (153 votes)

Banner #1 by MOC 15.19% (103 votes)

Banner #3 by Lou 13.13% (89 votes)

Banner #4 by Lou 12.24% (83 votes)

Banner #2 by MOC 5.46% (37 votes)

So there we have it. Thanks to Caleb, Lou and MOC.

So what does this mean? It means it’s time for ANOTHER POLL! Because Caleb didn’t get more than 50% of the vote, I’ve now removed all the other options. So now we’ll see what the majority really wants.

Just something to note. I’ve already spoken to Caleb about making some variations on the banner he submitted. Slightly different shades, different pics, but generally the same banner. So if you’re worried that it wouldn’t be rotating like the current banner, worry no more.

What banner do you want to see used on the site

More later this weekend. Ciao.


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For those of you not currently huddling in a bunker on the East Coast of the US, welcome to another hurricane-free update.

The IMDB has a bit of good and bad news today. Gwen noticed that The Smoker and Closer have been added to Natalie’s page, but they also carry news that Cate Blanchett has had to pull out of Closer because she’s pregnant. It’s a blow but hopefully they can get a good replacement…I’m thinking Kate Winslet.

Thanks to Meann and Paolo D. of Star Wars Philippines for the following Kamiseta pics:
And another
And this is from a Kamiseta store window

And now for some more killer fanart.

Lala sent in ANOTHER great drawing. What the hell is going on? It’s like everyone is trying to outdo each other…not that I’m complaining.

Jusepe sent in a great wallpaper, it’s from yesterday’s wonderful drawing from Matt.



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