Hungry Photocall

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Now we have photos from the Hungry In America photocall. Below she is posing with Tom Colicchio from Top Chef, who hosted the event with Natalie. Thanks to Fame Game.

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Your Highness Has Been Seen

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There was a test screening on the weekend and it sounds like they’re onto a winner. Here are two mini reviews from the IMDB boards.


I saw a test screening the other day of this and it is most definitly R rated. Very vulger, lots of nudity and very, very funny.

The acting was fine, lots of respectable actors (Toby Jones, Damian Lewis, Charles Dance) and Natalie Portman is great because she takes it very seriously, she has hilarious lines but says them with complete seriousness and passion, it worked great.

I’m glad Natalie is playing it straight. I saw Black Dynamite recently, soooo much fun, and Michael Jai White is so funny in the film because he isn’t playing it for laughs.
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Nat At Hungry In America

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As mentioned last week, Natalie was co-hosting an event to raise funds for an upcoming documentary called Hungry In America.

It’s a bit dark but here’s the first photo from the event. Did any of you guys end up attending?

Gallery Updates

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I’ve updated both Rodarte galleries with HQ versions of old photos, as well as seven new additions to the fashion show gallery and one new addition to the exhibition gallery. I’ve also replaced the photo from the Jerome Robbins Theater gallery with a larger one.

For those wondering, in the last two photos from the fashion show, Natalie is with her cousin and the Rodarte sisters, Kate and Laura Mulleavy.

Lets Get Our Blackface On

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Complex Magazine have put together a list of what they consider “the 50 most racist films that you didn’t think were racist”. Natalie has had one of her films make it on the list and quite high up as well. Can you guess what it is?

#11 is…


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Normally these updates have quite forgettable entries, but this batch is a bit more important that the usual fare.

– Nat and Ben spotted walking “hand in hand” through the Cooper-Hewitt exhibit at the National Design Museum.

This preview of Your Highness worries that Natalie might kiss Danny McBride. Man, people are weird.

I fear that Padme Amidala may be the love interest for McBride. If there are any make out scenes between the two, I may be sick.

Papermag have some Nat quotes from the Rodarte party.

Portman, who wouldn’t be photographed with her beau/rumored fiance) was loving her Rodarte outfit and told me: “Kate and Laura are real artists and have real ideas. They approach everything with a real sense of aesthetic and thought. It’s very inspired work.” Portman relished seeing Rodarte dresses as museum pieces as much as on the runway. “It’s fun. It really does celebrate the artistry of it rather than the consumerist aspect of it.”

Rumoured fiance? Someone put Clone on suicide watch. Seriously though, considering that’s the first mention of it anywhere and how new the relationship is, I think they’re probably mistaken.

Saturn Award Nomination

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The Saturn Awards (Academy of science fiction, fantasy and horror) have, in recent years, expanded some of their nominations to include films that aren’t of those genres.

So while this year has tons of nominations for Avatar, Star Trek, Watchmen and District 9 – there are also nominations for dramas like Inglorious Basterds, The Messenger and Brothers. Brothers got four nominations in these categories.

Best Action/Adventure/Thriller (lol!)
Tobey for Best Actor
Bailee Madison for Best Young Actor
Natalie for Best Actress

Full list of nominees are over here.