New Poll + Valentines Results

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Finally something poll worthy.

What did you think of yesterday’s public appearance?

As for the last poll, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Sam from Garden State came out well on top. It’s also not much of a surprise that the pole swinging Alice would get a good number of votes. I am a bit surprised that the damaged mystery girl from Hotel Chevalier would be third. Not to mention Molly from Magorium 4th? Let’s hope she’d leave the block of wood at home.

Full results after the jump…

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On Rodarte Look

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Celebrity Hot Sauce have a really nice write up about Natalie’s appearance at the Rodarte show yesterday.

The world’s most beautiful woman aka Natalie Portman got out and about in New York City last night with some friends – having a great time attending the Rodarte Fall 2010 Fashion Show. (more gorgeous Natalie pics after the jump!) I swear, Natalie is soooooo beautiful I would pay the full whatever it costs now – $15 or something? – to go to see a movie where they just filmed the loverly Natalie sitting on a couch watching TV. Or sipping tea and reading. As long as it lasted for 2 hours and was filmed in 3-D. Seriously. I bet the thing would open at #1.

Fashion, put it all on me

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I’ve updated the gallery with some more photos of Natalie in front row and backstage at the Rodarte Fall 2010 fashion show during Fashion Week in New York City.

More Rodarte

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I have to go soon and there still are only watermarked preview photos, but hopefully Rach can do a proper update later. Until then, head over to Getty and Wireimage to check out whats to come.

Rodarte Show

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Natalie was in attendance at the Rodarte Fashion Week show in NY today. So far just the one picture courtesy of twitter but we should get more later.

Here are a few of the more memorable tweets from the event.

Natalie Portman in front row was eerily beautiful!

Natalie Portman leaving Rodarte in ballerina skirt, big puffer, flat shoes, knit cap, cateye’s sunglasses & camo duffle. How cool is she?

Natalie Portman and Kirsten Dunst are at Rodarte. #nyfw -They looked beautiful!!!

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Cingun found a couple new, albeit small, pics of Natalie and Benjamin from that January set. If they’re still together they’ve certainly kept a low profile.


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What would Tuesday be without tidbits? Better, you say? Probably.

These basketball awards have a category named after Natalie and even better than that, a short account of a Natalie sighting.

Natalie Portman Award for Being Way Prettier in Person:
I saw Natalie Portman out in New York one time and was stunned at how pretty she was. That’s how I feel about Austin Freeman’s shot.

– LA Wedding photographer, Shannon Lee, mentions Natalie in thisinterview.

Name 3 famous people you’d invite on your bachelorette party? Why?
Maybe Natalie Portman. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her and she’s a delight.

Nat Drawing

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Cutey is back with another great drawing of Natalie. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this getting a Charlies nomination next year.

Hungry In America

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Natalie is throwing her weight behind a documentary film called, Hungry In America (youtube trailer here). The film, which focuses on the plight of Americans who struggle to feed themselves and their children, opens next year.

Natalie and chef Tom Colicchio, whom she met on Top Chef, are hosting a party on Sunday to raise funds for the film.

For info on how to get tickets head over here.

Two Wallpapers

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These two should have been included yesterday. My email preview didn’t show the full images so I didn’t get the full idea behind them. I just saw stitching down Natalie’s face and thought “perfect for Halloween but not Valentines”.

And let’s face it, love is nothing if not scary. Thanks to Lauren.