Want Nat’s Ballet Shoes?

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I know at least one Nat fan out there does. Well, Natalie has donated a pair of her ballet shoes, used for Black Swan, to a Haiti benefit auction. The auction begins on March 15 so click on the image below to go to the (unfortunate background using) site and bookmark it.


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February 14 is not just the day of that crass commercialized plastic day of celebration, its also Valentines Day!

Okay, jokes aside, those of you who have been around the site for awhile will know that our sites birthday happens to fall on Valentines Day. This year we turn 10 years old. A whole decade of Portainment now under our belts – finally something under our belts worth getting excited about.

It’d be great to have some Valentines or Birthday fanart (bonus points for both) for the 14th. I know its not Portmania but dammit, if there was no np.com there would be no Natalie. That’s a fact and facts are always right.

We can’t really do any worse than last year.

That’s not a challenge by the way.

Brothers Cover Art

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Rachel found an alternative Blu-Ray cover for The Road Brothers, which she says is not news worthy. Here I am to prove her wrong.

Nat And Heath

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Skateboarder Griffin Collins talks with ESPN about working with Heath Ledger on Lords of Dogtown and how he has contributed photos of Heath to the latest issue of Skatebook – a coffee table book about skateboarding.

There’s also a surprise Natalie mention.

A lot of the photos are from the set but we’d party at his house so I have a bunch of those. I have a Polaroid in the book of a bunch of people in a hammock and there is a girl spreading her legs. The guy next to her fell off the balcony right before this. I thought he was dead but he got right up. I shot it at Heath’s house. And Natalie Portman might have been in that hammock too. It was always interesting hanging out with Heath off set. He was beyond humble with what he had. I got some good photos out of those parties.

Does that mean Natalie is in the photo that’s in the book? If you’re into skating you can order the book here…and then let me know 🙂

Mass Effect

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I’ve posted stranger things. Not many though. Here we have a photoshop transformation from Natalie into Asari from the fantastic series of games – Mass Effect.

Pic Battle Poll

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Right then, its time to start thinking about the next pic battle. We’ve done magazine battles and public appearances and now, for the first time, we’re going to tackle promo photos from films.

The poll today is to determine what you guys would prefer. Should Rachel and I choose the images that will partake in the battle ourselves? Or do you guys want to have a say?

The former means we can probably kick things off as early as next week. The latter means it will probably be a more protracted selection period.

You tell me.

My Blueberry Nights Results

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I’ve just updated the My Blueberry Nights film page with the average rating from all your votes. As with the IMDB rating, it would seem viewers enjoy it quite a bit more than the critics did. The gulf is huge.

A quarter of those who voted haven’t seen the film, which is a shame because Natalie’s section of the film is definitely worthwhile for fans to check out.


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Bit quiet on the news front. How about a Your Highness trailer, powers that be?

– Natalie is mentioned in this Eonline article entitled, “Do We Have Real Superstars Anymore”?

– Swedish make up artist, Lina Hanson, has worked on Natalie. Here’s an interview with her…in which she doesn’t mention Natalie.

– Black Swan isn’t finished filming yet.

Black Swan, starring Natalie Portman, continues filming in the vicinity of Eastern Parkway and Washington Ave in Brooklyn today.


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A bit late considering when the film was released but perhaps timely due to the currently running poll for My Blueberry Nights.

It’s a report from the location scout of the film and while nothing mind blowing, there is a Natalie mention and some insight into director Wong Kar Wai.

One wonders how much the language barrier was a problem in other aspects of the production.