We’re taking a break from this Dior broadcast to bring you some other smaller news items.

– Let’s start with some Jane Got A Gun news. The film should start production very soon and a recent casting call was looking for males and females 20-35 who are willing to get nude for a brothel scene. As if I wasn’t already excited about the film enough 😉

– Speaking of Jane, Rodrigo Santoro has joined the cast and has spoken about it to the Brazilian press. If you run it through Google translate you’ll see that Rodrigo is playing a villain called Fitchum, the role is not for a latino man so he may have to work on his accent, and he got to know Lynne Ramsay awhile ago which is why she remembered him for the role.

– Santoro’s involvement in the film was always going to lead to one thing from the tabloids, rehashing the old rumour that he used to date Natalie. Something that never seemed to have any evidence to back it up. But the rags are going to run with it and now they’re already starting to construct the well worn narrative of celeb couple having arguments because one of them is going to work with an ex. I would suggest you just ignore this trash but if you’re curious read on.

Thanks to Kitten and Fanatical.