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With Jane Got A Gun’s production schedule sliding, Michael Fassbender has now officially had to leave the production as it interferes with his work on the next X-Men film. Joel Edgerton, who was to play the villain, is now stepping into the hero’s boots while Jude Law comes on board as the villain.

Sad to see Fassbender depart but at least we’ll get to see him work with Natalie in the Untitled Malick film. Plus Jude is great and has a good record in working opposite Natalie with Closer and Cold Mountain.

Production is said to begin in April and you can read all about these changes at The Hollywood Reporter.

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  • Jack says:

    I was certain Fassbender would leave this project due to X-MEN. I’m glad Jude Law is in it though, I love him and Natalie together. Plus, we’ll see Portman and Fassbender together on that Malick film.

  • Kara says:

    Sooo who is going to play the husband now?

  • toto20 says:

    shame. X.MEN is the crap for me. but I’m glad with the Jude Law choice.

  • IRISH LAW says:

    Yay. this is gonna be their 4th movie LOL Jude as villain, sounds amazing! I wish Jude and Nat will share scenes together, they have such a great chemistry together, I’m a fan of their scenes in both Cold Mountain and CLOSER.

  • Kara says:

    @dazza wasn’t Joel suppose to play the husband?

  • Joe Schmo says:

    Comment from the Hollywood Reporter story:

    “Jude Law reunites with Natalie Portman… this is great news. Anyone who hasn’t yet, should get the DVD of ‘Cold Mountain’ and check out the deleted scenes with Natalie… Holy Cow !!… They had no choice, those scenes had to be deleted or Natalie would have stolen the entire movie and won the Oscar. This movie will be perfect… can hardly wait.”

    Deleted what now!?!?!

    Joe “Mick pulls a Fassbender” Schmo.

  • Lee Bartholomew says:

    As having seen Law as both Villain (Road to Perdition) and the good guy (Enemy at the Gates) I kinda prefer him as the good guy (and better lover.) but sorta depends on how this movie plays out. Besides Rachel Weisz did try hard to muzzle her climax 😛 and so did Natalie too.

  • Adonis says:

    So Michael Fassbender is not it – too bad.
      But the key point is that the project, “Jane Got A Gun” will start soon, and Natalie is once again in the lead role …
    I am looking forward to this film!