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By March 10, 2013Site-news

We’re about half way through the 2012 Charlie Awards and today we’re looking at your most anticipated Natalie films that are on the way. If you are unable to vote please post in the comments with as much info as you can muster. And remember that the sidebar is disappearing from the site until you’ve placed that vote.

Most Anticipated Upcoming Film

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    • rryq says:

      My most anticipated Natalie film is definitely Jane Got A Gun,which I’ve been yearning for since the first day I heard the news.With Nat and Fassbender being in the same western movie,I just cannot help imagining how fabulous the movie is gonna turn out.Hope it’ll be an action movie so that we can see nat do a lot of running and shooting.It’s been a while since natalie appeared in some action movie last time,but since Lynne Ramsay is the director,who knows this movie’ll be like?Maybe another heated one in these film festivals around the world?Anyway,eager to see it!Can’t vote, so I guess I have to “post in the comments with as much info as I can muster”.LOL
      BTY,the sofa is mine.haha

    • AMSSERME says:

      Jane Got A Gun is definitely my most anticipated Natalie film as well. Natalie will be the main character of this film while the other films in the poll,she will be secondary and support actress only.I also hope she gets some action scenes as well.

    • Adonis says:

      I agree with the comments of rryq and AMSSERME – “Jane Got A Gun”, of course!