Charlie Awards: Best Video

By March 8, 2013Site-news

Next up is a category that normally has a lot of competition and 2012 was no exception. Please take a few minutes to rewatch all the nominees and then cast your vote.

Best Video

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    • paul andres says:

      for some reason i cannot vote on your charlie awards-vot is there but nothing else–i double click and i get the cats to vote on but when i click –nothing–cant figure it out—-

    • rryq says:

      Actually, I don’t know how to vote at all!Best video? WHERE is it?

      • Dazza says:

        Anyone else not able to see the poll? If it’s not working this time have you had similar issues with the previous categories?

        • Lee Bartholomew says:

          never had a problem with these polls in Opera

          and was going for Valentine but the SNL short. can’t forget her throwing the baby somewhere 😛 so her sense of humor is still with us 🙂

    • LH458 says:

      my valentine, no doubt.