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A really nice batch of mini updates for you guys this evening. Starting with…

– Rodrigo Santoro, an actor Natalie was romantically linked with several years ago (there wasn’t anything tangible to the rumour though), has joined the cast of Jane Got A Gun. He joins Natalie, Michael Fassbender and, even though I don’t think it was completely confirmed yet, Joel Edgerton. Rodrigo is probably best known for the role of Xerses in 300 and one of the more disliked characters on Lost. But he’s been pretty good with smaller roles in a few other films like Che. Certainly appears like female Natalie fans are going to have plenty of eye candy to feast on.

– Badass Digest has a video up breaking down Marvel’s phase two plans. It’s a nice summary of what we can expect and Thor 2 obviously comes under the microscope. If the embed below doesn’t work, try here.

– Finally, an old school Natalie fan called Stephen mailed me that he has a bunch of old magazines featuring her. If someone is willing to pay the delivery fee, he’s happy to pass them along to a “good home”. I’ll include a list of the publications as well as a photo after the jump. If you’re interested email me and I’ll forward on to Stephen.

Here’s the list…

Sassy, March 1996
Beyond Beauty (Jane Pratt) book, 1997
Seventeen, January 1998
Vanity Fair, April 1998
Vanity Fair,May 1999
Jane, September 1999
Mademoiselle, November 1999
Entertainment Weekly, April 21, 2000
Seventeen, June 2000
Jump, December/January 2001
New York, June 25 – July 2, 2001
Nylon, August 2001
Black Book, Spring 2002
Vanity Fair, March 2002
Entertainment Weekly, April 12, 2002
USA Weekend, May 2002
Vogue, May 2002
Entertainment Weekly, May 17, 2002
Allure, June 2002
Premiere, June 2002
Esquire (British), June 2002
Rolling Stone, June 20, 2002
Harper’s Bazaar, November 2006