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Sorry for the delay in the new comic strip but Nate hadn’t seen Beautiful Girls…can you imagine?!?! Anyway, here it is and don’t forget that all the old comics are archived here. Sanji thinks only 7 people will ‘get it’ but I have more faith. At least 10.

Katie sent in this scan from the new Twist magazine featuring the infamous Nat-Gael walk. Hmmmm…

And finally, just a little clarification on what Sanji mentioned yesterday. Since Ask the Staff is sorta dead (I guess people ran out of questions + Alex, JC and Kris dissapeared) Sanji and I thought it could be quite funny if we discuss/debate certain nat or site related topics. So if there’s anything that you would like to see us bitching about, please send the idea my way.

That’s it for tonight, ciao.