We’ve got a real interesting batch for you today. Dig in.

– Let’s kick things off with a little bit of genital mutilation! Mayim Bialik, a former Jewish teen star on a show called Blossom (and yes, I am old enough to say I watched that show) and more recently, completing a PhD in neuroscience, has blogged about whether Natalie is going to have her son circumcised. Poor kid already has people blogging about his penis. Oy vey.

– An artist has done a Thor comic…with The Muppets. Jane Foster is played by Fozzie and OH MY GOD WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE THE MUPPETS SO MUCH?!?!

– Some dude from Dancing With The Stars wants Natalie on the show. Keep dreaming, buddy, the show should be more accurately called Dancing With The Used To Be Stars.

“After watching Black Swan, I think Natalie Portman would be amazing, since she can dance.”