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A quickie but a goodie.

We’ve added a bunch of your feedback to From the Inbox.
Go here to read several messages on the nudity issue and here to read a new comment on the Keira debate.

JediKnight sent in a new scan from Haddsah Magazine.

Hammurabi has sent in a his very own Nat song. Download it from here.

Derek found an interesting point on the sexiest 100 poll:

This year’s point system is a change from previous ones. We decided a new points system was in order to help negate the “Natalie Portman Effect”, which occurred last year when swamped the list with a bazillion votes. It will be a lot harder to make such a huge impact this time around.

Haha. Can’t say that I blame them.

Todd found a great article on Cold Mountain’s Oscar chances. A good read but this is pretty much the only Nat mention:

And there?s a heart-stopping sequence between Law and Natalie Portman, who plays a widow trying to save herself and her baby from malicious Union soldiers starved for food?among other things.

And just one wallpaper today, from Thomas Salvatore and in tribute to the late Wesley Willis.

And finally, just a reminder that Pher is still way short on the donations (1000 dollars to be exact) needed to get a new server. To see why he needs the money and how you can pay click here.

That’s it.