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By July 5, 2015Site-news

We’re still in full on snooze mode regarding Natalie news, but to pass the time Iktriad found this gorgeous Natalie art from Davide Morettini.



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  • kià says:


  • AMSSERME says:

    Excellent drawing.Awesome!

  • Nic fan says:

    beautiful painting this well done

  • Pete H. Dillon says:

    I, by accident, just watched your movie “FREE ZONE”. I had to watch it twice to figure out the cognitive metaphors, but it is a very powerful movie. The song theme of the cycle of life/violence is very moving and true. You are a wonderfully introspective actor, you bring reality to your performances. It was clear to me early on that you were a very well educated woman. One of the musings passed between you and the Palestinian woman, was if perhaps both races spoke the same language, then perhaps things would be better between Israelis’ and Palestinians’. I don’t believe that, because of the innate differences in culture, and religion. It would make a difference in negotiations easier, but for millenniums there have been and will exist prejudices. To you, I know you will make a fine mother, continue to make thought provoking movies. You are now my favorite actress.

  • piter says:

    beautiful art…… 🙂