Not so gae?


El Quijote looks like he has the answer to the Nat-Gael question, read on…

Yestersay the most important Spanish newspaper, EL PAIS, reported in the society section that Natalie Portman and Gael García Bernal were kissing and sharing a good time outside of a mexican restaurant in the pure area of La Latina, in Madrid. As Gael is filming here in Spain the new Pedro Almodóvar´s film, “La mala educación”(“The bad education”), it seems that Natalie crossed the atlantic ocean to the Spanish capital to see him.

Natalie and Gael were also at this restaurant in Madrid this past SUNDAY (31 August).

Wow, I guess that answers that. Good luck to both of them and hopefully Gael’s great film choices will rub off on Natalie.

Alex has a bit more info about another of the great Natalie mysteries…

there is a small mention of natalie in the september issue of teen people. it is on page 85, under wheelin’ and dealin’. it talks about her decision to drop out of the 1930s war romance Head in the Clouds because she and her parents had second thoughts about the role.

eLGee found this poll, which has a number of categories, one of which mentions our Nat.

And finally, the Rise of Nobility audio drama is up. Here’s the info…

Rise of Nobility, the audio drama based on the young Padme Amidala, has finally been released after 4 years of production work. Elizabeth Ascot supplies her voice talents for the young Queen. She can also be seen in amimated film, Run Leia Run. The running time is 45 minutes. To download, visit

Ciao for now.