Down but not out

Hey all

Sorry for the site being down this weekend but the headquarters were under siege by rabid Natalie fans wanting to rip Gael a knew one. Seriously guys, check the poll… just 10% of you are happy for them? Hah.

But yeah, so the server went down and since it was a weekend, there’s nothing we could do till Pher went back in to work this morning. You see! THIS is why we’re asking for donations.

Luckily there was bugger all news so it’s not like you all missed out on anything.

Not much for news today either but let’s see what we have…

Mike sent in a pic of Nat that is so big that it’s almost like you’re there, standing one inch away from her.

WhoToKill is a site that, seemingly, finds out who people want to kill. Thankfully Natalie is given a 78.4% chance of living. Whew. Thanks to Linus.

Nat was about to kill me if I didn’t put these pics up so here are some pics from Teen Vogue and Teen People that may or may not be old/new.
Nat and Zac…no Moby in site, poor fella.
Signature look: Bookish Beauty
Tracksuits are in…when worn by hot people.

Just so you know, my signature look is Lazy A**hole.

And finally, Kes sent me an email about a site called Face Transformer. It let’s you face pic to drunken or baby or a different race or old etc. Kes, being one step ahead of the game, created a nat pic already. Go over here and use this info:

Login: npcom
Pass: password

Sounds like fun but I wasn’t able to get it to work. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

There will be a new comic strip and editorial coming this week and don’t forget the banner entries! You can still submit till this friday, and something I should have menetioned awhile ago was the name of our font: Its 1979.ttf, aka Spiderman font.