mercedes and banners

Hey all

Just a quickie since it’s the morning here and I’m still half asleep.

Minerva found these new pics of Natalie at the Mercedes Fashion Week in NY. Now we just need to find some big versions…

And the poll is now over. Here are the results:

Banner #5 by Caleb 30.53% (207 votes)

Stick with the current banner. 22.57% (153 votes)

Banner #1 by MOC 15.19% (103 votes)

Banner #3 by Lou 13.13% (89 votes)

Banner #4 by Lou 12.24% (83 votes)

Banner #2 by MOC 5.46% (37 votes)

So there we have it. Thanks to Caleb, Lou and MOC.

So what does this mean? It means it’s time for ANOTHER POLL! Because Caleb didn’t get more than 50% of the vote, I’ve now removed all the other options. So now we’ll see what the majority really wants.

Just something to note. I’ve already spoken to Caleb about making some variations on the banner he submitted. Slightly different shades, different pics, but generally the same banner. So if you’re worried that it wouldn’t be rotating like the current banner, worry no more.

What banner do you want to see used on the site

More later this weekend. Ciao.