Kids Carnival pics

Hey all

What a crazy weekend it’s been. I haven’t even had a chance to get to my normal update stuff.

Anyway, Nat did attend that Kids carnival and we’ve setup a gallery for pics from the event. At the moment there are just 3 big pics but more will be added shortly.

And on another note, Flipp found a great article on Nat’s apparent squeeze, Gael Garcia Bernal. There is a little mention that further strengthens the rumour (well, it’s more fact than rumour now). Speaking of the oscar night…

For Bernal, the night was euphoric. “It was the first time I acted with common sense. Real common sense.” The rebel, then, had found a cause. Actors he respected “Hollywood’s left-wingers” took him as one of their own. “People like Adrien Brody and Susan Sarandon, they were very kind.” It was also the night he met his girlfriend. “For many reasons that night was perfect.”

The full article can be read over here, and I highly recommend it. The guy is a class act.

More tomorrow…